More opposition to Ginjas road

MEP calls for protection of laurisilva

Ginjas project reported in the blog last week

Ginjas road: JM reports online tonight that the independent MEP Francisco Guerreiro (Verdes/ALE) has asked UNESCO to block the intention of the Regional Government of Madeira to concrete about 10 kilometres of track in the Unesco world heritage Laurisilva forest connecting Ginjas to Paúl da Serra, “an act of worthlessness that will lead to yet another damage to the environment”.

“It is an attempt against regional ecology to pave almost 10 kilometres in an area of ​​World Natural Heritage such as the Laurissilva (Portuguese spelling) forest, home to countless species of plants and animals endemic to Madeira and Macaronesia (many of which are endangered). The existence of this forest constitutes the ecological core of the island, fundamental in maintaining the balance of its hydrological cycle, being decisive in the availability and quality of the water, in the containment of floods and in the protection of the soil ‘, considers the MEP.

At stake is the project ‘Caminho das Ginjas – Paúl da Serra’, which provides for the construction and paving of 9.25 kilometres of road, a natural route that is often used by forestry services and associated entities in scientific research work, surveillance, restoration and protection of the ecosystem and threatened species.

Francisco Guerreiro warns that the Ginjas initiative “may even put the denomination attributed by UNESCO at risk. We are of the opinion that the current procedures of the project should, at least, be the object of a more in-depth reflection, in order to ascertain, in case move forward, how can the harmful impacts of this construction on Nature be mitigated, giving greater relevance to the materials used”.

Widespread opposition to Ginjas project

More opposition to Ginjas road 1

Prior to this letter from the MEP, nine non-governmental environmental organizations, committed to impeding the progress of the Ginjas project, developed a detailed analysis of the associated Environmental Impact Study, having concluded that it presents “serious flaws and errors, with the objective of making feasible the project, regardless of the negative impacts on Madeira’s Laurissilva ”.

The organizations concluded that “there are no alternatives to the project; there are no arguments / facts to support the need or the advantages of the project; it excludes from the scope of analysis priority groups, such as bryophytes, insects and terrestrial gastropods; it has gaps in the identification of impacts on priority species and habitats and, last but not least, it does not indicate adequate minimization, compensation and monitoring measures”, says a note from the MEP sent to the newsrooms.

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