Google Street View anomaly

Step back in time with Street View!

The old Savoy still on Street View

Thanks to a link from Maurice, who by accident came across an anomaly on Google Street View. In Google Earth, or maps satellite view if you drop the little man for Street View on to Rua Imperiatriz D Amelia near the western end outside Moynihans and look up, lo and behold you can see the old Sta Isabel and Savoy hotels! Similarly, if you navigate around the corner onto Rua da Favilla (now pedestrianised – outside Bar No 2) you can see the old hotels.

Obviously when the Google street car made its last visit they missed these two streets out. A little bit of nostalgia for Maurice as he used to stay in the Sta Isabel.

If you navigate back along Av. do Infante towards the middle of Funchal the new Savoy suddenly reappears on your right.

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5 thoughts on “Google Street View anomaly”

  1. We stayed in the Sta Isabel from the 1990’s until just before it closed down. It was a quaint little hotel with staff who had been there for years. We kept going back as it was a good location. A short walk to Sta Caterina park and into the centre of town. Also, you could use the facilities of the Savoy next door. After it closed we switched to going self-catering in the Aparthotel da Sé then to renting apartments in downtown Funchal ever since. We much prefer that than staying in the Lido to Ajuda area.

  2. … I worked for Madeira Regency in 1989 and have fond memories of regularly playing snooker in the basement of the Savoy ,, very oldyworldy wood panelled large cool space with loads of tables, spent hours down there, usually had it to ourselves, only cost was a few escudos for the hire of the cues …

  3. When we visited the Island years ago we stayed with friends.
    I have never heard of the Santa Isabel.
    The hotels we have visited and love are the Lido,Melia and Casanheiro.
    We stayed in the Vidamar but felt it was souless.
    Who knows perhaps in years to come we will be looking back at them
    with memories of the oldies.


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