Ginjas road controversy continues

“Asphalting Estrada das Ginjas is a crime against the Laurisilva”.

Ginjas road controversy continues 1

The Diario reports that the public consultation on the environmental impact study (EIA) of the Ginjas – Paul da Serra project, ended on Tuesday, with a record participation.

It was the 132 people and entities that sought to make their contribution to the controversial work in the heart of the Laurisilva forest.

On the same day, nine Non-Governmental Organizations linked to the Environment called for the non-construction of the project that “presents serious flaws and errors” and “negative impacts on Laurisilva da Madeira”.

The road was once an electoral promise of Alberto João Jardim, but the project had been abandoned after it was agreed that the area was safeguarded.

The project, now promoted by the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Rural Development, it intends to convert the more than 9 km of unpaved dirt on the road into asphalt and pavement.

Ginjas: “Greed of the concrete lobby

Ginjas road controversy continues 3

Yesterday, the coordinator of Bloco de Esquerda party (Left Block) in Madeira, Paulino Ascenção, made a public statement to express his position against the paving of Estrada das Ginjas. Facebook video here.

“Asphalting Estrada das Ginjas is a crime”, says the politician in a press release, where he goes on to list the reasons that justify this classification.

First of all, he says, it is “a crime against the environment”, because “it will squeeze out Laurissilva, the most significant environmental and economic asset that Madeira has”.

On the other hand, he notes “it will squander millions of the agriculture budget, for nothing”. These millions, he notes, could translate into “many kilometres of new access, to allow many families to obtain from the land a supplement to their income”.

Finally, it considers it a “crime”, “satisfying the greed of the concrete lobby” – a “full crisis without parallel”.

Petition against asphalting the Ginjas road

Whilst the blog has been struggling over the last ten days in the face of a “Denial of Service” attack, Maurice sent in a link to an online petition against the concreting of the Ginjas road.

The video below gives you an idea of the important UNESCO World Heritage Laurisilva environment the road will cut through.

A “Buy me a Beer” link has been added to the sidebar on the right of the blog. Any contributions are welcome, as the overheads are now such that the website is nowhere near covering its costs with all the additional expense involved after the recent attacks!

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