COVID-19: sudden spike explained

“Blip” due to accounting anomaly

health delegate Maurício Melim explaining a spike in cases recorded on Friday

JM’s website has a story seeking to explain the sudden spike in the number of positive cases of COVID-19 reported in the Region on Friday. Last week had seen some steady and slightly reassuring numbers reported by the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE in their daily bulletins: Monday saw 83, followed by 88, 82, and 86, until an unexpectedly sharp spike of 111 on Friday.

The health delegate Maurício Melim is reported as saying that “the 6% increase in cases this Friday was due to the disclosure of the results of situations that were under study” (not sure about the maths here?).

Maurício Melim explained that the spike in the number of cases recorded on Friday “has to do with several situations that were pending throughout the week and that, suddenly, the results are unblocked”. These being included led to a 6% spike in cases of contamination are at the “public and private level, where they are increasingly testing.”

Rapid tests have seen a “significant increase”

The health delegate also revealed that nowadays rapid tests have had a “significant increase”. And positive rapid antigen tests have allowed health authorities to launch epidemiological investigation processes.

As the person in charge of the health authority in Funchal he said that he “will not stop until he is able to isolate all direct contacts”, although many of the people do not comply with the health authorities’ instructions.

At the moment there are “94 transmission chains identified”, but there are people who “are simply not complying”, because there are many who “have not internalized” and continue to “be with neighbors and family, socializing”.

Restrictions not being observed

Interestingly the “Comments” to the announcement of the sudden spike in the local press also blamed poor observation and policing of the guidelines – just a couple are below:

“The pandemic is out of control unless shopping centres like Anadia, La Vie etc. adhere to restrictions. Centre owners must provide inspection personnel at all entrances. The pandemic runs out of control unless shopping centres like Anadia, La Vie etc. adhere to the restrictions. The landlords of the centres should provide inspection staff at all entrances”.

“There are people who do not respect the rules should be punished”

Update February 13:

Yesterday saw 85 new positive cases reported, dropping back into the pattern seen earlier in the week, so Madeira has now seen 6338 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the regional territory. All of the new cases were of local transmission. There are currently1630 active cases, of which 42 are imported cases and 1588 are locally transmitted.

Update February 14:

Today Madeira registered 60 new cases of infection with COVID-19. This is the lowest number of new cases since December 29. Two are imported – one from Spain and one from the Lisbon/Tagus Valley region – and 58 cases are of local transmission.

Update February 15:

Today there are 72 new positive cases reported, all of which are locally transmitted, and as always the authorities reassuringly say that most of them already associated with contacts of positive cases.

There are another 109 recovered cases, with the Region accounting for 1,595 active cases, of which 40 are imported cases and 1,555 are locally transmitted.

Update February 16:

The Regional Health Directorate today reported 79 new positive cases, so the Autonomous Region of Madeira now counts 6,549 confirmed cases of covid-19 in the regional territory. Among the new cases, only one is imported, coming from Poland, and 78 cases of local transmission.

Previous daily updates can be found on an earlier post

4 thoughts on “COVID-19: sudden spike explained”

  1. When we there over the Christmas period as usual and we avoided shipping centres like La Vie & Madeira Forum as I suspected social distancing would be difficult plus, if I wanted to go to a shopping mall there are plenty where I live. I did however, go to Pingo Doce & Continente and they were regulating numbers in the stores and checking temperatures.

    So I am surprised with curfews etc in place that shopping malls etc are not controlling numbers and scanning people’s temperatures.

  2. They scan peoples temperature at pingo doce in the la vie shopping center. They sometimes even control how many people can enter the store. Yesterday though, they did none of this and as a result distancing was not possible inside. I usually don’t go there on the weekends because it’s always too crowded but unfortunately yesterday I had to.

  3. Temperature taking only works if you have a fever.
    Some people do not display symptoms for up to 14 days if any at all.
    Therefore temperature taking is ineffective.
    It is mainly used in the workforce when handling food as part of the
    hygiene programme.

    Best to observe the the three Cs.

    Close contact
    Close spaces
    Crowed Areas unless necessary.


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