Blog attacked again

Blog continually attacked for ten days now

Blog attacked again 1

The blog was down for most of yesterday – again – due to the continued “flood” of traffic being directed to the website by hackers.

I have a clear idea who is behind this, and if (and probably, when) it happens again, I have decided to make public details of a blackmail attempt on July 13 last year. This will be published on the website (remember the name!).

If this blog is taken down completely and permanently on the back of this threat then it will be worth it to expose one individual who is attempting to profit from other’s honest endeavours – this is not the only website that has been affected. It will save me a lot of work, and thanks to the generosity of readers here I have a very healthy supply of beer to get through!

A “Buy me a Beer” link has been added to the sidebar on the right of the blog. Any contributions are welcome, as the overheads are now such that the website is nowhere near covering its costs with all the additional expense involved after the recent attacks!

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