How to get a vaccine in Madeira

the covid vaccine information  contains contradictions

The best guide available at the moment!

Thanks to one of the blog’s resident experts Peter Groen, who set off investigating what is a complicated issue at the blog’s request last week – how to get a vaccine if you happen to find yourselves in Madeira at this point in time, for whatever reason: The result of his investigations ............ more

Brit holidaymakers with nowhere to go!

Bild headline as Brits prepare for holidays

Germans react with “envy” to UK vaccination success

Thanks to Peter A for a link to MSN News pointing out that whilst Brits were happiliy getting their vaccinations in preparation for a summer holiday, as things stood they had nowhere to go!

Holidaymakers living in countries with high rates of coronavirus vaccinations will be “dressed up with nowhere ............ more

More vaccines arrive

Vaccines arriving at airport

A fourth batch of 5,850 doses arrives in Madeira

The Madeira News website, with its automated Google translate, picked up on a story last night that a further batch of vaccines, once again from Pfizer, is expected to arrive tomorrow at the pharmacy of Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital.

The 5,850 doses (in JM, 8,850 in the Diario?) correspond to the fourth ............ more

Mainland patients thank Madeira


Two out of three return, recovered.

JM report that the clinical situation was always very delicate when three ICU patients were transferred to Madira from Lisbon due to the facilities on the mainland being overwhelmed at the height of the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately on February 9, one of the three patients could ............ more

Seaman rescued off Câmara de Lobos

Member of crew recovered from Swedish vessel.

In a press release, the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal has announced that it coordinated a medical rescue operation earlier today (Saturday) off Câmara de Lobos, working with the Funchal Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Subcentre and the Regional Civil Protection Service.

“The ............ more

Madeira creates Air Transport Observatory

View of Madeira Airport from inside plane

Permanent and continuous monitoring of the air transport sector

JM reports that the Regional Government will create an Air Transport Observatory for the Autonomous Region of Madeira (OTA-RAM) to monitor, analyze, and study the air transport sector and airport infrastructures.

The European Commission originally set up an Air Transport Observatory to produce annual ............ more

Vaccine passports by summer

Digital vaccine passport

EU leaders agree on vaccine passports

The Times reports that Britons dreaming of a beach holiday in the Mediterranean can start planning the trip after EU leaders agreed last night to introduce vaccine passports by the summer.

“Everyone agreed that we need a digital vaccination certificate,” Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, ............ more

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