How to get a vaccine in Madeira

The best guide available at the moment!

the covid vaccine information  contains contradictions

Thanks to one of the blog’s resident experts Peter Groen, who set off investigating what is a complicated issue at the blog’s request … Read more

Mainland patients thank Madeira

Two out of three return, recovered.


JM report that the clinical situation was always very delicate when three ICU patients were transferred to Madira from Lisbon due to the facilities … Read more

Vaccine passports by summer

EU leaders agree on vaccine passports

Digital vaccine passport

The Times reports that Britons dreaming of a beach holiday in the Mediterranean can start planning the trip after EU leaders agreed last night … Read more

Curfew continues …

… but with minor relaxations

Curfew continues ... 9

The Regional Government decided yesterday to extend the confinement measures (curfew) in force until 11:59 pm on March 8, 2021, whilst introducing changes to allow … Read more

More vaccines coming

… and more administered in Madeira.

Pfizer vaccine

JM reports online that Madeira will receive more COVID-19 vaccines on Saturday: “The vaccination plan against in the Region continues at a good pace, … Read more

COVID status certificates

Vaccine status certificates being considered across Europe

COVID status certificates 21

A lot of talk in the media today about the possible introduction of vaccine or COVID status certificates in the coming months. The … Read more

No foreign holidays until May 17th

… at the earliest from the UK

No foreign holidays until May 17th 27

Foreign holidays: having just listened to Boris’s latest low-key and cautious announcements during the much anticipated Downing Street news conference tonight, it looks … Read more

Fake PCR tests

Traveller Photoshopped PCR test certificate

PCR test certificate

A couple of days ago Telegraph Travel highlighted how easy it was to Fake PCR tests, relating the story of an anonymous traveller who Photoshopped … Read more

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