Stricter security required

Festive celebrations, emigrants and students are possibly to blame

the representative of the Republic of Portugal in Madeira, who has oredred the security forces to exercise stricter security

The Diario website reports that the representative of the Republic of Portugal in Madeira, Ireneu Barreto, said today that he is “concerned” about the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the region, so he ordered the security forces to exercise stricter security and impose fines when justified.

“I see with concern” the epidemiological situation in the region, Ireneu Barreto told the press agency Lusa. The advisor argued that he did not know whether this situation was “predictable”, considering it “a surprise” and “not knowing the causes”. “There is a lot of talk about Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the arrival of emigrants and students and I think that there is a little bit of everything and also a little carelessness in our population, which did not take , in my opinion, due care “, he said.

New Year’s Eve parties criticised

Ireneu Barreto criticized those who, at the end of the year fireworks show, stayed at home, but gathered friends and promoted “groups of worrying dimension”. For the representative, “more than looking for the causes, we must try to remedy what is possible to remedy”, praising the measures adopted by the Regional Government to minimize the situation. “I assume that we have not yet reached the high point of the crisis we are going through and I hope it will be overcome quickly so that we can return to a more or less normal life”, he stressed.

Police asked to be more rigorous and visible

Due to the current situation, and after the warnings it received from the Government of Madeira for some “occasional situations in some critical areas of the region”, where there were agglomerations in bars and gatherings to drink poncha, Ireneu Barreto announced that he had contacted the commander of the Public Security Police (PSP) of Madeira. The security forces in the archipelago are under the tutelage of the representative of the Republic. “I also asked the PSP commander for the police to have a more visible attitude in their performance,” he declared, requesting that they enforce stricter security.

Barreto added an appeal to the security forces “to leave that phase of pedagogy, in which people were asked to put on the mask, respect social distance, etc., etc.” and start to impose fines. He emphasized that, from this moment on, the appeal he makes to the security forces “is to be rigorous, that is, when it is necessary to apply the fines that are provided for in the system that is in effect in the region “. He justified that this stricter securitydoes not mean “the systematic application of fines” or a “persecutory” attitude, but “the phase in which one was pedagogical and tried to convince people of the evil in which they were, of the offense they were in”.

Appeal for stricter security

The representative also stressed that, “in general, the population of Madeira and Porto Santo has been exemplary” in complying with the rules, but there are always exceptions at various levels “. He gave the example of those who walk without a mask, of disrespect for social distance, namely at bus stops, forgetting “that the bus will wait as long as it takes for them to enter”.

The representative also appealed to the population’s responsibility for compliance with stricter security and safety rules, specifically addressing young people, “We still do not know today what the consequences may be of this pandemic, but there is a feeling among some young people, few, fortunately, that they are immune to COVID-19”, he stressed, stressing that this idea “is a mistake” because they can be infected and contaminate others.

According to the latest data released on Tuesday by the Regional Health Directorate, Madeira registered 138 new cases of covid-19, accounting for 3,777 infections, 1,735 active situations, and 31 deaths, reported here yesterday.

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