New measures in detail

COVID-19: fight ramped up.

A tighter curfew is part of the new measures

Apart from the headline measure of an every-day curfew from 7:00 pm until 5:00 am, there were a number of other measures announced last night by the Regional president Miguel Albuquerque and his government. The intention of the new measures is to reduce the flow and concentration of people as they circulate, whilst allowing some functioning of economic and social activities. At the moment, apparently, a complete lockdown has been ruled out.

As part of the curfew, until January 31, all commercial establishments must close at 6:00 pm, an hour before the curfew starts during weekdays. Only restaurants will be allowed to open until 10 pm, exclusively for the preparation of meals for home delivery. Only professionals associated with the delivery of takeaway meals will be allowed to circulate on the roads, equipped with the correct identification.

At weekends the existing legislation, only announced very recently, still applies, with the curfew starting at 6:00 pm. Only pharmacies, medical and veterinary clinics, deliveries of oxygen for medical use, and fuel stations will be allowed to operate outside the proscribed hours – the latter for filling up with fuel only.

Students in the 3rd cycle and secondary education are left without face-to-face classes until January 31. All other levels of education maintain activities in person. All extra-school activities are suspended. With regard to teleworking, the aim is to move the entire public administration on this platform.

Miguel Albuquerque also announced that all sports activities in clubs and sports infrastructures in all counties in the Region, with the exception of the senior teams competing in national competitions, will be suspended until January 31.

The measure will take effect as of midnight on Wednesday, January 13.

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