New curfew starts today

… between 19:00 pm and 5:00 am

Avenida do Mar empty during curfew

The Diario reminds all inhabitants that the new curfew comes into effect in Madeira today until January 31. It will be compulsory, other than for a few special exemptions previously detailed here, to remain at home after 7:00 each evening in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Concern has been growing locally over the spread of the new faster-transmission variant of the virus. The curfew starts slightly earlier at weekends, stating at 18:00 next Saturday and Sunday – expect this to be renewed for subsequent weekends. All commercial activity is to cease at 6:00 pm on weekdays and 5:00 pm on weekends and municipal holidays.

Copied again – almost daily now: Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found on an earlier post.

12 thoughts on “New curfew starts today”

  1. Travel is the reason that Covid is Global.
    All to easy to blame locals,immigrants,students returming home.
    Why not add another few to the list, selfishness arrogance in believing
    that tourism is not a contributor.
    Madeira did a fantastic job initially,what is surprising is that they allowed complacency to set in.
    It was projected that the Virus would be at its worse during the Winter
    Unfortunately they pulled the plug when it was to late and are now suffering the consequences.
    Banning all non-essential travel is the only way forward.
    What will it take to make people understand you can have a negative test on arrival ,no guarantee that you will not get infected while there .
    The Virus does not discriminate.

  2. its all good that arriving passengers to Madeira have Covid tests done at the airport before entering Madeira.

    However, this unfortunately defeats the object when one is allowed to roam before the test results are known…..12 hours later or longer passengers will know via an email whether they have tested either positive or negative.

    So, if tested positive and 12 hours later (after visiting family, friends and venues) what are the consequences?

    • The point is that after the test at the airport you go straight into quarantine until your test result come in. Tourists were confined to their hotel rooms or apartments. Locals were supposed to isolate at home but no guarantee that they did. With the double-test they were supposed to stay in isolation for up to 7 days, again no guarantee they were not mixing with family & friends, fisting local bars/restaurants etc. Also, the big mistake was letting locals fly to the mainland and back again within 72 hours without needing a test!

      So once again, stop blaming tourists.

  3. i last visited in september, i had a test before leaving home but my negative result was late arriving and i tested again on arrival in madeira, i then took a non covid secure taxi ! the taxi windows were closed with the a/c on and no face mask worn by the driver, on arrival(14.00) at the hotel in funchal i was told to stay in my room till i got my test result, i ordered expensive room service, 5 euros for a small bottle of beer !!, at 17.00 i got a knock on the door the lady at reception who said that the other receptionist had made a mistake and i was free to go out and if i was stopped by the police before getting my test result they would just return me to my hotel !! so now i was free to go to any busy bar that i wanted to, but i didnt i just went for a good walk, at 20.00 i got my negative test result and went for food and drink in the old town, now i consider myself as a responsible safe person unlike some other people i met, so please stop blaming the tourist …..i wont be returning..

  4. Negative testing on arrival only means that we do not have to isolate.
    There is no guarantee that you will not be infected with severe or mild
    symptoms while there and the possibility of being an unwitting carrier thus spreading it to other individuals, be it locals or other tourists .
    Unfortunately for Madeira it is now not looking good due to the esculation over the Festive Season.
    Ignoring the much publicised non – essential travel is a personal choice.
    What I find ironic is the criticism of the inhabitants ignoring rules.


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