Madeira supports State of Emergency

Albuquerque backs continuation on mainland

Miguel Albuquerque, who has supported the State of Emergency

JM reports that the Regional president, Miguel Albuquerque, has added his weight to the continuation of the “State of Emergency” on the mainland. The State of Emergency measures, which have been in effect since early November on the mainland are listed on the graphic below, and are not dissimilar to the new measures recently announced in Madeira. It was previously in a State of Emergency from March 19 to May 2

Portugal has so far had seven States of Emergency – each one running for two weeks. The last two have been particularly hotly-contested by minority parties in the Assembly who argued that draconian measures (suspending rights and liberties enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution) cannot be perpetuated because of a virus – even one that is as contagious as COVID-19. 

Despite the objections, the two ‘main parties’ (PS and PSD) have consistently voted together to ensure that each of the decrees has been passed. These have seen the strictest of restrictions enforced in boroughs deemed to be at ‘extremely high’ or ‘very high’ risk. There are currently 109 of these municipalities which are effectively locked down every weekend. The rest of the country is less restricted and in tiers of ‘elevated risk’ (92 boroughs) and ‘moderate risk’ (77 boroughs).

Yesterday Albuquerque gave a favorable opinion to the declaration of the state of emergency, following an opinion requested by the Presidency of the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon to the request for authorization by the President of the Republic to renew the declaration of the State of Emergency.

The Assembly of the Republic will decide tomorrow on the authorization, in plenary.

COVID-19 in Madeira: daily updates can be found on an earlier post.

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