COVID-19: Portugal records record high

218 deaths in one day.

COVID virus

On the mainland, the newspaper Publico reports that 566,958 cases have been identified and 9,246 people have died so far with COVID-19 in Portugal since the beginning of the pandemic.

Another 218 people died with COVID-19 in Portugal yesterday (Monday), a new daily high and the first time the number has exceeded two hundred in 24 hours. The registration of this Tuesday’s bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) represents an increase of 30% compared to the maximum of 167 deaths established the previous day.

Globally, the number of fatalities increased by 2.41% to a total of 9,246 deaths since the start of the pandemic. The situation report on Tuesday indicates that 10,455 more cases of infection by the SARS-CoV-2 virus were detected, bringing the cumulative total to 566,958.

With a new increase in the daily number of deaths, the country has already seen seven “highs” recorded in the last nine days, when they have been registering more than a hundred deaths every 24 hours for 12 days, since the bulletin of January 8, when the country exceeded 100 deaths for the first time (118). On average, 126 people per day died from covid-19 in Portugal in 2021.

In the first 18 days of this year, SARS-CoV2 is responsible for 2,274 deaths – a cumulative value that took 221 days to be reached from the day of the first confirmed death, on March 16, until October 22, when the country reached the total of 2,276 fatalities.

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