COVID-19: Four deaths in one day

Record daily high.

COVID-19, which accounts for another four deaths in Madeira

JM report on another four deaths in the archipelago attributed to COVID-19 – two men and two women in their eighties. This is double the daily record set just 24 hours previously which had taken the total-to-date to 40. Once again the deceased are described as having had other complicating conditions.

Yesterday Madeira recorded another 98 new cases of infection, slightly up on the previous day, so the downward trend is halted for the time being. with all but one case (from the Lisbon/Tagus valley region) being attributed to local transmission.

2007 cases remain active in the Region, 99 of which are “imported” and 1908 through local transmission. There were 59 more recovered cases reported with the Region now counting 3033 cases recovered from COVID-19.

28 deaths so far in Funchal

The municipality of Funchal had 32 more cases of covid-19 compared to the previous day, with 1907 cases registered to date, of which 1095 are recovered. Thus, there are 812 active cases in the municipality, where 28 deaths have been recorded

Update January 31:

Today saw Madeira record 94 new cases of COVID-19. With 118 more recovered there are now 1982 active cases. Unfortunately there was also one death to report.

Update February 1:

Today there was a record low for 2021, with 61 new positive cases reported, so Madeira now counts 5239 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the regional territory. There is 1 case imported from the Lisbon Region/Tagus valley region and 60 cases of local transmission.

Update February 2:

Today there are 99 new positive cases. These are 6 cases imported from the Lisbon Region/Tagus valley region and 93 cases of local transmission.

Madeira has registered another 86 recovered patients, at the moment has 1,905 active cases, of which 95 are imported cases and 1,810 are of local transmission.

Update February 3:

Today sees 90 new positive cases in the regional territory. This is one case imported from the /Lisbon/Tagus valley region and 89 cases of local transmission. There are 123 more cases recovered in the Region and reporting two deaths.

Update February 4:

Today sees 97 more new positive cases of COVID-19 in Madeira. These are two cases imported from Germany and the Czech Republic and 95 cases of local transmission. There is also a record of over 92 recovered cases.

Update February 5:

Today there are 108 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the Region. One is a case imported from the North of Portugal, plus 107 cases of local transmission. There is also a record of over 140 recovered cases and one death, an 88-year-old woman with other conditions. The death-toll has now reached 50.

Currently, Madeira has 1,842 active cases – 85 imported cases and 1,757 locally transmitted.

Update February 6:

According to the daily report, today saw 91 new positive cases reported, so the Region now has 5724 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There is also one death reported.

There are 4 imported cases, 3 from the Lisbon/Tagus Valley Region and 1 from the Northern Region of mainland Portugal, and 87 cases of local transmission.

COVID-19 in Madeira: previous daily updates can be found on an earlier post.

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  1. I have seen the number of deaths reported as 44 in some places. In every case the person has been suffering from other conditions which with Covid overwhelms them. This could also happen with flu.

    More vaccines need to be delivered to the island but mainland Portugal is in a worse state.


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