All arrivals in Porto Santo to require PCR tests

Ferry arrivals will require tests when service returns.

Porto Santo

The Mayor of Porto Santo said today he agreed with the fact that all passengers traveling by plane in Porto Santo will be required to submit a PCR test with a negative result, but understands that in February, when the Lobo Marinho starts operating again after its annual maintenance, passengers must also present the same document upon arrival at the “Golden Isle”.

Idalino Vasconcelos considers that the implementation of this measure is extremely demanding and takes into account the “natural fence” that exists between Porto Santo and Madeira, and has to be evaluated by the councillors of the City Council and representatives of the Municipal Commission for Civil Protection, in conjunction with the Regional Health Authority and Health Delegate.

Measures are necessary to protect Porto Santo

He believes that all the measures are demanding and will penalize economic activity, but they are necessary to prevent the spread of the virus on the island of Porto Santo, “for the sake of public health, if we control the entries we will control the virus”.

The mayor also mentions that “it is necessary to reduce contacts and concentrations of people, so the effort must be everyone’s.”

It also calls on the population to “comply with the guidelines of the Local Health Authority and the Regional Government of Madeira, as well as the fulfillment of individual responsibility in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.” This will make a difference in controlling the pandemic in the our little island county “.

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