Patients arrive from Lisbon

COVID-19 patients brought to Madeira

COVID-19 patients arriving at Madeira airport

JM’s front page predictably leads with the arrival of the three COVID-19 cases brought to Madeira from Lisbon last night. The three are now in … Read more

COVID-19: Lisbon sending 3 patients

Patients to be moved to Madeira

COVID-19: Lisbon sending 3 patients 5

Following up on the previous post and another earlier this week, it has just been announced that Portuguese authorities are arranging for the transportation … Read more

Portugal: vaccinations delayed

First phase extended by two months

COVID vaccinations

Reuters report that the first phase of Portugal’s vaccination plan against COVID-19 will be extended by around two months into April, the programme leader … Read more

COVID-19: 5 deaths at home

… despite spare hospital capacity.

JM reporting on deaths at home

JM lead with a story that depite government claims to have sufficient beds and spare ventilators to accomodate COVID-19 patients from mainland hospitals, five of … Read more

Romanian gang disappears

Trial starts in absentia.

JM headline missing gang

The headline in the Jornal this morning refers to a report that members of a Romanian gang that came to Madeira specifically to commit robberies on … Read more

TAP flights at risk

Two daily Lisbon connections threatened

JM headline that TAP flights are at risk

JM leads with a report that TAP flights are being threatened due to a drop in demand.

The two daily connections between Lisbon and Madeira … Read more

UK holidays abroad axed

Hotel quarantine will make cost prohibitive

Holidays axed headline from the Sun

The Sun, among others, reports that Brits were last night preparing to book summer holidays to Bognor as Boris Johnson prepares to sign off … Read more

Vaccines in short supply

… in Madeira until May at least.

Vaccines in short supply 37

JM report that Madeira will see just 17,500 vaccines in February, followed by 17,500 in March. This, they report, is the forecast of … Read more

Portugal’s president re-elected

Right wing populist surprises in third place

President re-elected
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