“Sanitary fences” possible

Regional government begins to respond to public belligerence

President talking about "Sanitary fences" possible

Sanitary fences: JM reports that the regional president Miguel Albuquerque has said that the correct measures to contain the spread of the virus have to be followed. “We cannot placate ourselves. If people do not understand what occurred in Ribeira Brava recently (the mass attendance at a pig-slaughter) actually happened, it is not the fault of the Government”!

Miguel Albuquerque was talking at the vaccination post at Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça as the first doses of the vaccine were administerd on the island.

It also admitted sanitary fences may be implemented if necessary. For now, he said, “the priority is to save the health and life of the people of Madeira”. “I will not be talking to people as if they were children in a daycare centre. If they do not comply, we will have problems,” he said. Tonight, he expects people to “be judgmental”.

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