Police close bars in Old Town

Police crackdown as festive season starts

Police close bars in Old Town 1

JM reports that a failure to comply with security measures imposed due to the pandemic led government officials and the police last night to give orders to close some establishments in the Old Town.

After an initial approach, in which commercial establishments and their customers were made aware of the measures in place to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the security forces – PSP (Public Security Police) brigades and ARAE (economic activity inspectors) – decided to close some bars in the “Zona Velha”. In the light of the Regional President’s TV broadcast appealing fo the public to observe the rules on Monday night this crackdown was always on the cards.

At issue were the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the public road, the lack of social distance, as well as the non-use of the protective mask.

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