Now 4 cases of new strain in Madeira

COVID-19: 4 cases of variant originating in the UK detected

Now 4 cases of new strain in Madeira 1

FN is reporting late this morning that the Portuguese Secretary of State for Health, Diogo Serra Lopes, has announced this morning on Renascença radio that Madeira reported 4 cases of the new Coronavirus strain.

It is recalled that yesterday the Region had disclosed the presence of the new strain from the United Kingdom but had not revealed the number of cases.

The Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection of Madeira announced yesterday that it had confirmed the presence of the new strain of SARS-CoV-2 in travelers who arrived in the region from the United Kingdom.

“Following the genetic analysis requested by the Regional Health Directorate to the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge for a sample of some positive cases detected in the RAM [Autonomous Region of Madeira], the presence of the new strain of the United Kingdom virus was confirmed in Madeira ”, revealed the regional secretariat, adding that“ it was detected in travelers who arrived in Madeira from the United Kingdom ”.

According to the same note, which does not specify the number of infected, “this identification was only possible thanks to the work developed by the Screening Centre at Madeira International Airport, which allows the tracking, identification, and referral for isolation of positive cases, when detected”.

The regional health department of Madeira stressed that the strategy to control the pandemic in the region “remains focused on the surveillance of passengers” and on compliance with the guidelines of health authorities.

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  1. JM have just updated this figure at midday (Monday) – Madeira has now detected 18 new cases of the UK virus strain in Madeira. The revised number was given a few moments ago by Regional President Miguel Albuquerque during a visit to the new weather station in Cancela.

  2. Travelling unless necessary should be banned indefinitely why should
    nationality matter.
    The offset of the virus originated in China and is now Global due to
    It is a no – brainer about the acceleration of Covid why is it so hard
    to understand that no person our Country is 100% safe.


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