New Year’s weather

Forecast is fair for year-end.

New Year's weather 1

The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, today issued a special forecast for the New Year’s weather for the end of 2020 and start of 2021.

They predict that due to the movement of a cold air mass in a joint circulation with the anticyclone located north of the Azores and a complex depression in Europe, the archipelago of Madeira is under the influence of a flow from the northeast to the first day of 2021

The wind will be light to moderate from the east or northeast, sometimes more intense in the highlands, and the occurrence of precipitation, generally weak, more frequent in the northern slopes and in the mountainous.

The temperature should not change significantly – the maximum should be between 14 and 19 °C, although at the highest points of the Madeira island, might not exceed 8 °C. The minimum temperature should vary between 11 and 15 °C, with values ​​between 2 and 3 °C at the highest points of the island of Wood.

Waves will be 3 to 4 metres high from the north, gradually decreasing to 2 to 2.5 metres.

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