Fireworks: 38 years since first broadcast

“Fogo” da Madeira first broadcast in 1982.

Fireworks: 38 years since first broadcast 1

The Diario notes that it is 38 years since the fireworks display was first broadcast live on TV by RTP Madeira – although there was also a radio commentary for those without a TV set.

Ironically, 38 years on, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the regional government is currently encouraging locals to stay at home and watch the event on TV again!

Funchal fireworks 38 years ago

COVID-19 in Madeira: previous daily updates can be found on an earlier post.

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  1. There have been reports of 3 cruise ships anchoring just outside the harbour. Mein Schiff 3 has been pootling around between the Desertas and Cslheta and should be here. Mein Schiff 1 looks like it is heading this way although ship tracking sites show it as en-route to Las Palmas. Europa 2 which is also rumoured to be coming still appears to be tied up in Santa Cruz de la Palma so, unless it leaves very soon (11pm) it will not make it here.


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