COVID-19: new strain arrives in Madeira

UK variant of virus identified in Madeira today

New strain of COVID-19 - graphic

JM reports that following a genetic analysis requested by the Regional Health Directorate to the National Health Institute, Doctor Ricardo Jorge, for a sample of some positive cases detected in the Region, the presence of the new strain of the UK virus in Madeira has been confirmed.

The new strain of COVID-19, which is more infectious, was detected in travellers who arrived in Madeira from the United Kingdom.

According to a press release from the Regional Health Secretariat, IASAÚDE, this identification was only possible thanks to the work developed by the Screening Center of Madeira International Airport, which allows the tracking, identification, and referral for positive cases, when detected, including checking for the new strain.

The same note explains that “the regional pandemic detection and control strategy COVID-19 continues to focus on passenger surveillance and compliance with guidelines issued by health authorities, thus reducing the risk of contagion with the new coronavirus in the Region”.

In this sense, the Government is once again reinforcing the importance of complying with Health guidelines in this festive season. “It is important to celebrate the Christmas party at home, but in a safe way”, the note repeats.

Replication is an even more sincere form of flattery

COVID-19 in Madeira: previous daily updates can be found on an earlier post.

12 thoughts on “COVID-19: new strain arrives in Madeira”

  1. This is a great shame, but when it was announced first in the UK you knew it was not confined to there – it is just that the testing picked it up more quickly. Shame that it got to Madeira so quickly.

    • Ruth, it was first identified in the UK, BUT it does not mean that this ne variant originated there. It is now being detected all over the world and could have originated anywhere. Just because the UK identified it, it doesn’t make the UK guilty of spreading it.

  2. It is the price you must pay for encouraging tourism. I would not be surprised to see the island return to lockdown in January whilst the vaccines are administered.

    • Tourists from the UK are NOT infecting the locals on the island. Tourists get tested and held in quarantine.

      The big mistake in Madeira was that they let local people travel to mainland Portugal and return after a long weekend without testing them. That is how the virus got into the local community.

      Tourists are not guilty.

  3. It is the price you must pay for encouraging tourism. I would not be surprised to see the island return to lockdown in January whilst the vaccines are administered.

    • The level of copying nowadays is frankly pathetic. There are people out there who can’t put two words together claiming to run “blogs”, and then there are Google translates without any regard for the English language. Another new copy-blog started up in the last few weeks….

  4. Many people need a refresher course in history. The Spanish Flu did not come from Spain. Censorship was prevalent in the First World War. Spain was the only country that had a free press and reported the illness. Therefore it became the Spanish Flu. It really came from the USA, some army town in Kansas. So, the UK virus does not mean it comes from there or that the people from there are the only ones that are transmitting it. The world has the State of IOWA (Idiots Out Walking Around). They are every where. Protect yourself and your love ones and just hope they are removed from the gene pool one day.


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