Christmas weather

Thunderstorms possible.

Funchal, where the Christmas weather is likely to be cloudy

JM report, together with a great photo from Praça da Autonomia on the Funchal seafront, that the Christmas weather in the archipelago of Madeira will be conditioned by a depression centred in the southwest of the archipelago. Mostly cloudy skies and showers are therefore expected today.

An increase in cloudiness is expected, associated with the occurrence of showers, which may be locally intense and accompanied by thunderstorms. The wind will gradually increase in intensity, and become moderate to strong in the eastern quadrant, sometimes with gusts up to 65 km/h.

The Diario agrees on the outlook for the Christmas weather, adding that this morning could be marked by heavy downpours. They add that temperatures could fall fractionally.

From the afternoon of the 26th, with the gradual displacement of the depression to the south, the weather will continue under the influence of an east current, now in the circulation of an anticyclone located north of the Azores, and there will be a decrease in the probability of the occurrence of showers, as well as decreased wind.

The maritime agitation off the archipelago will be from north-northeast with 2 to 3 metres, and on the south coast of south-east with 1 to 2 metres.

Christmas weather surprises with hail in Porto Santo

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  1. This Christmas with the way the world is. Whats more impotent is someone one you love Its priceless Give them a hug and say thanks. those with out partners count your blessings Let not forget the people who lost their lives and remember them


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