“Sanitary fences” possible

President talking about "Sanitary fences" possible

Regional government begins to respond to public belligerence

Sanitary fences: JM reports that the regional president Miguel Albuquerque has said that the correct measures to contain the spread of the virus have to be followed. “We cannot placate ourselves. If people do not understand what occurred in Ribeira Brava recently ( ............  ...read more

New lockdown possible

JM speculating on lockdown

… as new record number of COVID-19 cases announced

The record number of cases reported here yesterday for the previous 24 hours was quickly overtaken by the latest figures, leading to speculation about a new lockdown in Madeira.

The latest figures, according to the front page of JM, have resulted in the possibility of a new period of confinement. If ............  ...read more

Carnival cancelled for 2021

Carnival earlier this year
Blog February 23, 2020

Early decision was required

JM reports that the Regional Government has decided to cancel the events related to Carnival for 2021. The event earlier this year, prior to pandemic, had been hailed as a great success.

The information was released yesterday evening by RTP-Madeira, citing the  ............  ...read more

First vaccines arrive in Madeira

Vaccines arriving at the airport

… complete with police escort

The automated news service for Madeira madeiraisland.news has picked up a number of reports on the arrival of the first batch of vaccines to arrive in the Region.

Police vehicles were waiting on the runway of Madeira International Airport for the arrival of TAP flight 1693, which landed at 11:45 pm ............  ...read more

Fireworks: 38 years since first broadcast

“Fogo” da Madeira first broadcast in 1982.

The Diario notes that it is 38 years since the fireworks display was first broadcast live on TV by RTP Madeira – although there was also a radio commentary for those without a TV set.

Ironically, 38 years on, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the regional government is currently encouraging ............  ...read more

COVID-19: a new record of 60 cases

35 cases hospitalised.

The previous “high” was 54 positive cases in the Region over a 24-hour period, but yesterday saw 60 new positive cases reported by the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE. These were 11 imported cases (3 from the United Kingdom, 1 from ............  ...read more

New Year’s weather

Forecast is fair for year-end.

The Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, today issued a special forecast for the New Year’s weather for the end of 2020 and start of 2021.

They predict that due to the movement of a cold air mass in a joint circulation with the anticyclone located north of the Azores and a complex ............  ...read more

House prices up 7.8%

Contract being exchanged indicating rising house prices in Madeira

Remarkable rise in property prices during pandemic.

JM reports that house prices in Madeira increased by 7.8% during 2020, and now stands at €1,678 per square metre, according to the price index of the Idealista portal. The increase in the last 3 months was 5.2%.

Of the 10 municipalities analyzed, Calheta was the one with the highest increase (18%) ............  ...read more

5-metre waves warning

More rain forecast

The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal today issued one of their usual warnings of strong maritime unrest that will remain in effect until 6:00 pm today Tuesday, December 29. Vessels are advised to stay in port.

The waves will be temporarily between four and five metres during Tuesday morning on the ............  ...read more

Now 4 cases of new strain in Madeira

COVID-19: 4 cases of variant originating in the UK detected

FN is reporting late this morning that the Portuguese Secretary of State for Health, Diogo Serra Lopes, has announced this morning on Renascença radio that Madeira reported 4 cases of the new Coronavirus strain.

It is recalled that yesterday the Region had disclosed the presence of the new strain ............  ...read more

Road connections restored on north coast

Access being restored on the north coast

Access reopened to more remote locations

The Diario (photo: Aspress) reports that road connections have been restored after the storms that affected the north coast of Madeira on Christmas Day.

Press agency Lusa quote the Mayor of São Vicente, José António Garcês, as saying that everything had been restored apart from the connection ............  ...read more

COVID-19: new strain arrives in Madeira

New strain of COVID-19 - graphic

UK variant of virus identified in Madeira today

JM reports that following a genetic analysis requested by the Regional Health Directorate to the National Health Institute, Doctor Ricardo Jorge, for a sample of some positive cases detected in the Region, the presence of the new strain of the UK virus in Madeira has been confirmed.

The new strain ............  ...read more

Cruise ship heading for Funchal?

Cruise ship Mein Schiff on its way to Madeira

Mein Schiff 3 destined for Madeira ahead of schedule.

Thanks again to Jaime for letting me know that the cruise ship Mein Schiff is currently destined for Madeira well ahead of its next due date. The €500m cruise ship capable of accommodating up to 2700 passengers and 1000 staff, has left Augusta in Sicily and is scheduled to dock in Funchal at 22:00 ............  ...read more

COVID-19: Vitamin D not proven

Sunshine, alluding to the benefits of Vitamin D

More research is needed on role in immune response

In a (slight) blow to those fortunate enough to be living in Madeira’s sunshine this winter, Diário de Notícias reports that the case for Vitamin D helping fight off COVID-19 is not proven.

A panel of British experts advises the UK population to take a daily vitamin D supplement this winter, ............  ...read more

Storm damage in Old Town

Photo of storm damage in Barreirinha

Christmas storm damage in Barreirinha

Thanks to Jaime for sending a couple of photos of the damage caused by the storm in Barreirinha in the Old Town, Funchal, yesterday.

There is also a new video of some of the flooding on the north coast at the bottom of this post. More details of the storm damage on the north coast have been previously ............  ...read more

Parts of Ponta Delgada still cut off

Roads closed in Ponta Delgada

… after heavy rain causes floods

JM reports that some parts of the parish of Ponta Delgada, in the municipality of São Vicente, on the north coast of Madeira, are still isolated today due to the storm that affected the region on Christmas Day, with work now being carried out to clear the roads.

“The isolated areas are Lombadas, ............  ...read more

22,500 lightning strikes in just 7 hours

Lightning strikes mapped off Madeira

… on Christmas morning

The Diario reports on an “electric festival” that took place on the morning of Christmas Day between 5:00 am and noon. The lightning was focused mainly on the north coast, where it caused heavy flooding. The major of  ............  ...read more

Christmas weather

Funchal, where the Christmas weather is likely to be cloudy

Thunderstorms possible.

JM report, together with a great photo from Praça da Autonomia on the Funchal seafront, that the Christmas weather in the archipelago of Madeira will be conditioned by a depression ............  ...read more

COVID-19: a record 54 cases

COVID-19 graphic

… and another death on the island

Yesterday’s daily bulletin from the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE announced that there had been a record are 54 new positive cases of COVID-19 in the Region in the previous 24 hours. 

The new cases were 4 imported cases (2 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Switzerland and 1 from ............  ...read more

Police close bars in Old Town

Police crackdown as festive season starts

JM reports that a failure to comply with security measures imposed due to the pandemic led government officials and the police last night to give orders to close some establishments in the Old Town.

After an initial approach, in which commercial establishments and their customers were made aware of ............  ...read more

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