Carnival cancelled for 2021

Early decision was required

Carnival earlier this year
Blog February 23, 2020

JM reports that the Regional Government has decided to cancel the events related to Carnival for 2021. The event earlier this year, … Read more

COVID-19: a new record of 60 cases

35 cases hospitalised.

The previous “high” was 54 positive cases in the Region over a 24-hour period, but yesterday saw 60 new positive cases reported by the Institute of Health … Read more

House prices up 7.8%

Remarkable rise in property prices during pandemic.

Contract being exchanged indicating rising house prices in Madeira

JM reports that house prices in Madeira increased by 7.8% during 2020, and now stands at €1,678 per square metre, according to the … Read more

5-metre waves warning

More rain forecast

The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal today issued one of their usual warnings of strong maritime unrest that will remain in effect until 6:00 pm today … Read more

COVID-19: new strain arrives in Madeira

UK variant of virus identified in Madeira today

New strain of COVID-19 - graphic

JM reports that following a genetic analysis requested by the Regional Health Directorate to the National Health Institute, Doctor Ricardo Jorge, for … Read more

Cruise ship heading for Funchal?

Mein Schiff 3 destined for Madeira ahead of schedule.

Cruise ship Mein Schiff on its way to Madeira

Thanks again to Jaime for letting me know that the cruise ship Mein Schiff is currently destined for Madeira well ahead … Read more

COVID-19: a record 54 cases

… and another death on the island

COVID-19 graphic

Yesterday’s daily bulletin from the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE announced that there had been a record are 54 new positive cases of … Read more

Police close bars in Old Town

Police crackdown as festive season starts

JM reports that a failure to comply with security measures imposed due to the pandemic led government officials and the police last night to … Read more

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