Virgílio Teixeira, “Portuguese heartthrob”

Port road named after Magnificent Seven star

Virgílio Teixeira in "The Return of the Seven"

The Diario reports on the opening of the new port road named after the Madeiran actor Virgílio Teixeira this lunchtime, whilst FN give a little background to the individual in whose honour it is named.

Virgílio, or, amusingly, Virgrlio and Virgflio, according to Google auto translates on other websites, was a leading actor in Hollywood during the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

FN reports that government entities have decided to “honour” the late Madeiran actor Virgílio Teixeira, known as the “Portuguese heartthrob” in Hollywood, by naming an empty street in the new port complex after him. “A street where the only door number is, precisely, that of the place where fish is sold …”

The actor appeared in the second film of “The Magnificent Seven” series, the “Return of the Seven”. FN suggest, tongue in cheek”, a “walk of fame” in front of the fish auction, with stars on the ground?

Virgílio Teixeira was “really Madeiran”

Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government of Madeira, visited this morning the new connecting road between Praça CR7 and Lota do Funchal, describing it as “a great tribute to a man of the arts and cinema (…) who rendered important services to Portuguese art and who projected the name of Madeira, through his career, beyond borders”, referring to the Madeiran actor who died in 2010.

Vanda Teixeira, the actor’s wife, was present at the inauguration and recalled part of the artist’s life path, recognizing that despite having been several years away from the pearl of the Atlantic, Virgílio Teixeira “was really Madeiran” and always came back because “he had the island of the heart ”.

More details on the new road, costing €198,000, here yesterday.

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