Mystery cruise ship heading for Madeira

Disney Wonder to make unscheduled call

Mystery cruise ship: Thanks to Jaime, the blog’s firmly established nautical and weather expert, for flagging up something that has not been reported elsewhere so far – and it is a very intriguing story!

At the moment the AIS vessel-finder website is showing that the “mystery” cruise ship in question, the Disney Wonder, is en route for Madeira from Dover without any apparent reason or explanation. The Cruise ship is currently off NW Spain, presumably without passengers, as her next advertised cruise is a “Christmas Special” departing Galveston in the US on December 24.

Jaime points out that Funchal is not normally a bunkering or refueling port of choice?

This is at a time when the Seadream recently passed through on its way to the Caribean where the cruise ended prematurely when passengers became infected with COVID-19

Jaime got in touch with an update later with an update – apparently the vessell is heading to Madeira for “technical reasons”, which I suppose covers a multitude of explanations. All will become clear no doubt!

COVID-19 in Madeira

Updates to latest statistics in relation to COVID-19 can be found on a previous post

3 thoughts on “Mystery cruise ship heading for Madeira”

  1. I saw a mention of this on Facebook. Can’t think why it would stop off in either Funchal or Caniçal. No mention of it on the port website but that hasn’t been getting updated in the last fortnight or so.

    Will have to check the webcams on the 18th to see if she does tie up or not.

  2. I did find very strange.
    To see that Cruise ship at Funchal Dock…….
    Still I am sure everything is under the Control…..
    My very best wishes to you all….
    🇵🇹 🇬🇧. 💝


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