More testing as local transmission grows

8 health centres to conduct tests

Health centre to be used to test local transmission

JM report that eight Health Centres in the Region are going to carry out tests on the COVID-19, with the attendance at the weekend and tests for all suspected cases expected, in an attempt to control the number of cases of local transmission. All of yesterday’s twelve reported cases were of local transmission.

From tomorrow, November 23, the health centres in Machico, Calheta, Ribeira Brava and São Vicente will have the facility to carry out harvests to test COVID-19 for suspected cases, always after medical advice.

This is one of the elements of the plan that the Regional Health Service, IASAÚDE, drafted to respond to the evolution of the pandemic in the Region, where cases of local transmission have been increasing. The possibility of community transmission is a scenario that health authorities take into account, which is why it is necessary to act as close as possible to the populations.

No special charters flights for students

The vice president, Pedro Calado, announced yesterday that there would be no special flights organised by the Regional Government this Christmas for students returning from the mainland. Plans are in place to test returning students twice in an attempt to reduce the potential “explosion” of local transmissions, with 4,000 expected.

Fatal shooting update

More details of the arrest and detention of a suspect in the case of the fatal shooting in Funchal earlier this weekend have been updated here.

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