Lockdown crackdown

President targets bars outside Funchal

Bars outside Funchal not complying with latest lockdown regulations

The president of the Regional Government said this morning that the majority of the population and commercial establishments have complied with the latest very light “lockdown” rules designed to combat COVID-19 in Madeira.

He admitted, however, that there had been complaints about bars outside Funchal that are not complying with the “lockdown” closing hours, social distancing, and hygiene. Without disclosing the location of these establishments, Miguel Albuquerque added that he has already given instructions to ARAE, the economic activity inspectors, and informed the PSP of the situation, instructing that these establishments must be fined or closed.

Speaking to journalists in Calheta, the official added that the plan for the end of the year and the Christmas season, with regard to the rules to be followed, will be presented within the next ten days. “We are finalising them. Everyone will know what the rules and parameters of behavior and organization will take place throughout the Madeira Festival”, he assured them.

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