Fatal shooting: suspect arrested

“He died looking at me”

Fatal shooting: suspect arrested 1

JM reports that the Regional Command of the Public Security Police of Madeira have confirmed the arrest of the suspect of having shot two men in the early hours of this Saturday morning in a restaurant on Rua das Hortas, as reported here.

“At 11:15 pm, the PSP was notified, via 112, of the existence of two victims of firearm firing inside a restaurant. At the scene, a death was confirmed, a 51-year-old man and an injured man, another 43-year-old man, who was rescued by the Emergency Response team and taken to the Hospital.

Given the alert to the police about the suspect’s characteristics, he, a 64-year-old man, resident near the scene of the incident, came to be located and intercepted nearby in Funchal, shortly after, by a PSP patrol.

The homicide investigation was transferred to the competent criminal police body. The Regional Command of Madeira highlights the exceptional and unexpected character of this unusual occurrence and emphasizes the importance of its immediate communication to the police authorities, which allowed the quick identification and interception of the author of the same “, says the statement from the PSP.

“He died looking at me.” The phrase belongs to the owner of the establishment about the victim who was killed, a client of the house for more than 20 years and “nothing conflicting”. The man, known as Carlão, died immediately after being shot in the chest area.

UPDATE: Suspect detained in custody

JM reported later on Saturday that, following the operation carried out by the Judiciary Police, they had conducted the first interrogation of a 64-year-old male, arrested on suspiscion of having shot and killed a 51-year-old man in Rua das Hortas.

After the interrogation, which lasted 3 hours, the suspect was charged with

– a crime of qualified homicide.

– a crime of qualified homicide, in the attempted form.

– a crime of holding a prohibited weapon.

The defendant was subject to the measures of coercion of term of identity and residence and preventive detention, according to the information conveyed by the Judicial Court of the District of Madeira, regarding the 1st interrogation carried out today in the Funchal Court, through a statement.

Fatal shooting: suspect arrested 3

Three shots fired

JM reported another follow up this Sunday morning, reporting that it was a “calculated murder, carried out coldly. (the newspaper) learned that the murderer entered the Sirius restaurant, in Funchal, with a firearm in hand, shot the mortal victim, then turned to another man at the table and shot him in the leg while he was protecting his daughter, and he still fired again at his first target, then calmly left space. This is the theme that makes the headline of your JM today.

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12 thoughts on “Fatal shooting: suspect arrested”

  1. OK, so from JM…

    The armed gentleman in question first name Sirius, pulled up outside the restaurant with wife in tow
    Said gentleman proceeded to argue with his wife inside the vehicle and perhaps accosting her for some reason.

    Witness to this was a male resident of the building who approached the vehicle and suggested that the the Driver stop his verbal/physical assault on the woman sitting beside him in the vehicle

    The driver then proceeded to enter the restaurant and started to argue with a man known as Carlos with gun drawn
    The argument escalated and the gentleman armed with the gun, then proceeded to put a bullet into Carlos’s head

    As a supposition, I would guess that Carlos’s dining companion tried to intervene whereupon Sirius put a bullet into his leg
    As the focus was Carlos, Sirius apparently chose not to also fatality shoot his dining companion

    Judging from the argument that Sirius had in the car with his spouse/girlfriend and taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that Siriuses wife had slipped up some how and he had found out that in fact she and Carlao “Estavam a pôr lhe os cornos”

    If this is in fact the case, then Sirius would not have been best pleased with the fact that his wife was carrying on with another fellow

    “Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance.”

    Oscar Wilde

  2. I do not mean to cross issues… but could someone kindly email me (lopes.gene@gmail.com) and inform me of the proper way to contribute content.

    I’ve had a substantial amount of money stolen from me by a Madeiran lawyer on the island who is continuing to practice, and would like to warn others.

    Sadly, my dream of returning my family to the island from where we came is now lost.

    I thank anyone in advance who will help me contribute this information for the safety of others.
    -Gene Lopes

    • I had a similar situation with money being taken from me by a current practicing Madeira lawfirm. Unfortunately, I had to hire ANOTHER lawyer to help me, and although he was very kind, in the end, his advice was to not pursue the matter further as the costs to try to recover the money would exceed the amount stolen.

  3. Know of 2 cases where this has happened. In one case two friends of mine helped a lady remove her furniture from a house she had bought in Ponta do Sol only to find the lawyer had not passed on the money she had deposited with him to the vendor. Also, a Scottish couple who had an apartment in Santa Cruz and played golf with us bought a house in Ponta do Sol to rent to tourists and lost their money to the lawyer. They sold their apartment and left.


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