Fatal shooting in Funchal

… and one seriously injured

The scene in Rua das Hortas, where the shooting took place

JM report that in the early hours of this morning shooting took place in Rua das Hortas, in central Funchal, resulting in one death and another seriously injured. The newspaper describes how a security perimeter was created behind which a body remained on the road, waiting for the arrival of a health official.

The Public Security Police were reported to be on the street ensuring that no one passes near the crime scene, ensuring the security of the investigation, which is in the hands of the Judiciary Police (PJ).

JM reported that patrols are closing several streets in the center of Funchal, as the sniper allegedly remains at large.

Regarding the second individual who was shot, a hospital source confirmed the existence of serious injuries to the lower limbs.

Gunman still at large after shooting

The gunman was reported to be still at large at 1:40 am this morning, as details began to emerge of the shooting incident.

The situation occurred in a restaurant on Rua das Hortas, in a contempt that involved three individuals. Upon leaving the restaurant, the alleged gunman fired at two men, hitting one on the head and one on the lower limbs. The first died immediately and the second was treated on the spot and transported to the hospital.

BIR, Judicial Police, PSP, Emir, Madeiran Voluntary Firefighters and Portuguese Red Cross were called to the scene.

Everything calm later

FN later reported that everything was calm at the scene outside two restaurants at 4:00 am this morning. The news website had tried to ascertain whether the person who had fired the shots had already been arrested, but were referred to an announcement being made by the PJ later this morning.

The Agoramadeira website is reporting the occurrence of a shooting in Funchal, this Friday night, placing the timing at around 11:00 pm. They report on the death of a man between 40 and 50 years old.

The information states that “the death was immediate”.

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13 thoughts on “Fatal shooting in Funchal”

  1. There has been a steady increase in crime recently. This is a whole new aspect. This looks like it was planned and not a random shooting so hopefully police can identify and catch the gunman.

    It looks like it took place close to the Windsor Hotel. Very worrying.

  2. Unlike Maurice I read this ” The situation occurred in a restaurant on Rua das Hortas, in a contempt that involved three individuals” as meaning that the situation was unplanned (which leads to the question of whether it is normal to carry guns in Funchal).

    My reading of the quoted sentence is that the two people shot were two of the three people who had ”a contempt” (argument? disagreement?) in the restaurant with the third of the three being the gunman. I.e the fight started with words inside the restaurant and escalated when they left it.

    But the text doesn’t specifically say that the three people involved outside the restaurant were the same three that were in the restaurant. If they weren’t, my entire text falls apart …

    P.S. A more general question – following up on Maurice’s ”Very worrying” – is whether the covid restrictions and hardship being experienced by sections of the Madeiran population because of the lack of tourists are causing an increase in the levels of violence.

  3. The island is a relatively safe haven for tourists but l it still has a corruption element.
    When we were visiting some years back we witnessed a stunning wedding.
    Our driver informed us it was the daughter of a Mr Big with dubious
    connections to the Island.
    Violence is abhorrent in any form but lets hope it wasn’t a random aimed at tourists.

    • I’ve read the news article about 10 times to see what I was missing and still cannot find what is the relationship between this event and tourists.

      One thing I’ve learnt through years dealing with british travellers is that if the taxi driver says so then it must be true. I wonder if taxi drivers in London are always this honest. Would like to know what they think of some UK govt personalities.


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