COVID-19: more school outbreaks

Monday morning sees numerous cases

Francisco Franco School

Reports of outbreaks of COVID-19 and associated confinements in various schools on the island seem to be coming thick and fast this morning.

  • Twelve employees of the Professional School of Hotel and Tourism of Madeira are in isolation, following the positive result of a teacher.
  • Following the positive result of a family member close to two students at a school in Sao Martinho, two classes (36 students) are in confinement. The information was confirmed this morning by the Regional Secretariat for Education, Science, and Technology.
  • A student from Externato Apresentação de Maria tested positive for covid-19. According to the Regional Secretariat of Education, although this student has not attended the establishment since November 13, a class (of 23 students) will be confined until otherwise indicated by the health authorities. Two other students tested negative, but two classes (a total of 45 students) and two teachers are also preventively confined until otherwise indicated by the health authorities.
  • A professor at the Francisco Franco School (above) is in confinement, suspected of having contracted COVID-19, and is currently awaiting the results of the test that has already been carried out. The information has already been transmitted to the professor’s students, and if it is confirmed to be a positive case, the contingency plan will be triggered and remote classes will be scheduled.
  • Following the positive result of a teacher, two students, three employees and four EB23 teachers Dr. Eduardo Brazão de Castroe are in confinement, until otherwise indicated by the health authorities.

This last case was the fifth school in the Region affected today by the covid-19 pandemic. Nice to see that JM follows this blog and reported on the spate of school outbreaks today, which was duly copied by the copy-blog. What a compliment!!!

10 thoughts on “COVID-19: more school outbreaks”

  1. Why didn’t they just cancel the entire academic year (or a specified part of it) for all schools, then all the pupils could start again at an agreed point with everybody on the same footing. Looks like the schools are just acting as a breeding ground.

  2. Herd immunity is a rare exception. Even for the yearly flu there is no herd immunity.
    I wonder why some posters keep spreading fake news, and why that is tolerated by this forum.

    • John, it is only on a couple of occasions that I have ever edited any Comments here, instead preferring completely free speech. I guess I am going to have to take a view with current controversial subjects – anti-vaccers etc.

      I would welcome some advice from readers please let me know here.

      • I will write a more detailed reply later.
        But as a start, this: A poster claimed that people who pass on covid, also pass on their antibodies. That is far beyond fake news, it is complete madness.

      • Let the dogs bark I say. They’re hardly likely to start an insurrection or influence government policy.

        Would be nice if there was a button you could click on beside some comments that registered a count, whereby clicking it you signified that you thought the comment was full of crap but you wouldn’t want to waste your time replying to their rubbish to put them straight 😉 lol


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