COVID-19: deteriorating situation

Alarming trends developing

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Different stories dominate all the local media outlets as the number of positive cases of COVID-19 accelerates, and some alarming trends develop, particularly concerning children.

Yesterday saw 23 new positive cases of COVID-19 in Madeira – a new record. According to the Institute of Health Administration IASAÚDE these were 13 imported cases and 10 instances of local transmission, associated with positive case contacts previously identified.

6 children in local COVID-19 transmission

Six of the 10 cases of local transmission identified today in Madeira concern children aged up to 2 years. They attended two nursery schools, one in Funchal and one in Câmara de Lobos.

JM also reports that 7 students from a preschool in Ponta do Pargo are in isolation. According to the Regional Education Secretariat, this measure results from the contact of the respective educator with a positive case.

In another case, one of the collaborators of the Professional School of Hotel and Tourism of Madeira tested positive for COVID-19 this Tuesday. “Today, on November 17th, we were informed of the positive result of COVID-19 by one of our collaborators. This is a case that originated outside the school community. The collaborator, as a precautionary measure, did not present herself to their work duties since Monday.

Another of the confirmed cases today concerns a professional from the Regional Health Service. The epidemiological investigation is ongoing, but it has already required the isolation of four more professionals in two services.

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25 thoughts on “COVID-19: deteriorating situation”

  1. Once it is out in the community it will spread. Some form of lockdown will be needed. The message that sovial-distancing and wearing masks are not optional needs to be got across.

  2. The lunatics are truly running the Asylum….

    The Portuguese value respect and honesty and as such are firm in their strong belief in God
    No one has the right to force draconian restrictions on any Portuguese citizen without their willingness to accept those restrictions

    Portugal is a Republic who’s people have lived through and fought many conflicts. The Portuguese diaspora is spread far and wide due to their very nature and tenacity

    Northern Europeans have the impression that the Portuguese are a laid back, beer swilling, olive munching bunch of yoiks
    What people should bare in mind is that the vast majority of men in Portugal have military training. All Portuguese citizens have the right to carry handguns and collect automatic weapons, should they be of sound mind and person

    As a nation, Portugal has never been averse to conflict or hard times. The country is blessed with excellent growing conditions and is able to comfortably sustain it’s population with local food production

    Masks offer 0% protection… Your immune system has protected you all your life, you are going to die sooner or later, no one escapes
    No Portuguese citizen should be wearing a mask, they should be enjoying the sun and fresh air free from any impediments

    If you feel uncomfortable travelling to a country who’s citizens truly enjoy the freedoms of a democratic republic then please refrain from travelling to Portugal

    I for one would never wear a mask in Portugal, the very thought of capitulating to such forced baseless compliance goes against every strand of Portuguese DNA in my body….

    “A person is smart; people are dumb” Agent K

    • So why is the UK any different from Portugal? Portugal has only recently become a democracy in comparison! – and the whole idea of “democracy” is that the majority opinion can be applied to the whole, and 101% of the UK population accept this. That puts you in the minority with your willingness to accept restrictions. Wake up and smell the roses!

      • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

        Your argument is null and void, the UK panders to all types of “The few”
        How many foreign languages do Portuguese government institutions pander to in their literature for example?

        Make yourself known if you want people to take you seriously…. Portugal has 1000 years of history

        You should really change your username to “PRO1984”

    • here, here,

      study confirms, 50% mask wearers got covid anyway
      secondly study confirms-lockdown, change nothing re virus transmissions unless it is full time house arrest 24/7
      thirdly- panic kills more than virus, mask on or off

      hope panickers got the message
      Joe is right –don’t like it, do not come over here-please refrain from travelling to Portugal/Madeira

    • Very caustic Luis, but I don’t understand your agenda? Your grasp of advanced maths is clearly comprehensive, but what’s the point – 23 cases are good? – should the island be happy with this on a daily basis going forward, particularly when the death rate (same maths) starts advancing at a proportionate rate?

      • The ECDC and the portuguese government have established 3 levels of risk. The very alarming rate is 960 cases cumulative 14 days per 100k inhabitants. in Madeira numbers that gives approximately 200 cases per day. So, on the worse day recorded we are at about 10% of the alarming rate. Believe me, I take this very serously, but looking at daily figures which over the past week have varied from 3 to 23 and then down again, this is not alarming yet. Fingers crossed that the real “alarming numbers” do not get here.

      • Evan, if that is even your name…

        Elon musk, a very well known figure recently undertook 4 test for Covid19 one after the other with the same medical professional undertaking the procedure on the very latest and greatest machine

        Two tests came out positive and two negative….

        What you don’t seem to realise is that people produce antibodies and of course pass them onto other people via the very same transmission mechanism that infected them in the first place

        There is NO escape and your mask is of NO use

    • You cannot and should not…. end of

      Is there an act of parliament in place? Where is the Law that makes it obligatory?
      Maybe we should implement a forced vaccine that has undergone rushed testing?

      I am sure it will cure covid like previous vaccines have cured other mutating viruses like the flu, herpes, HIV etc
      My bad, no such vaccine exists, I must be living in cloud cuckoo land dreaming about such utter nonsense

      Unfortunately two elderly people in Madeira over the age of 90 died recently apparently from covid19 and my sympathies go out to their loved one’s. Maybe, just maybe I will get to see my 80th if I drink enough poncha…

      Around 3700 people have died from “Covid19” in Portugal throughout this pandemic out of 10,000,000 Portuguese citizens
      This is 0.04%, I would surmise that more people have died from heart attacks during the same period while shouting at Portuguese referees and gulping down their superbock

      Fear is the mind killer, some kind of virus or bacterial infection will eventually kill you… accept it, live your life and respect other peoples right to live theirs

  3. My Portuguese colleague has cancelled her festive family visit.
    She is concerned for their safety and fear of transmission to her elderly
    Her opinion is now that the Government should curb travel and that visitors should abide by the rules,better still be a little less selfish and refrain from leisure trips if they are concerned about the welfare of the
    She is very vociferous about the travelling situation at this time.

  4. I wish all the experts!? who have appeared during the pandemic had been in charge at the beginning. It would be over by now.
    The situation is dreadful but to flaunt scientific advise so blatantly is dangerous


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