COVID-19: 2nd death today

A second death in Madeira

COVID unit at the main hospital where a second death occurred today

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Madeira has sadly risen to two tonight.

JM reports that today, at 9:00 pm, a second patient in the Region died of the disease caused by COVID-19. He is a 94-year-old man who had been hospitalized at the Multipurpose Unit at the the main Dr Nélio Mendonça hospital in Funchal, since November 4.

On the same day, the Regional Government announced that it will increase the inpatient unit for COVID-19 at the main hospital in Funchal, providing it with more than 10 wards. The contract will be completed within a maximum period of 70 days and guarantees “adequate working conditions” for health professionals according to a government spokesman.

Updates to latest statistics in relation to COVID-19 can be found on a previous post

Update November 9:

Today saw nine new positive cases reported. These are seven imported cases (4 from Poland, 1 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Venezuela, and 1 from the central region of Portugal) and two cases of local transmission.

The two cases of local transmission confirmed today are associated with close contacts of recently identified positive cases, which were already being followed up by health authorities.

Update November 10:

14 new positive cases reported today. These are five imported cases (two from Poland, one from Germany, one from the Czech Republic and one from Switzerland) and nine cases of local transmission. Two of the local infections are health professionals, working in the private sector, in the area of ​​dental medicine.

There are also 61 new situations that are currently being studied by the health authorities, seven from the airport screening operation and 54 related to contacts with positive cases or situations reported to the COVID-19 hotline.

Update November 11:

Today saw 15 new positive cases reported, These are 5 imported cases (3 from the United Kingdom, 1 from Germany, and 1 from Switzerland) and 10 cases of local transmission, all associated with recently identified positive cases.

Update November 12:

Today saw 17 new recovered cases and four new ones reported in Madeira, three imported and one locally transmitted, and there are 113 situations under study. Poland (2) and the United Kingdom (1) are the countries of origin of the imported cases.

According to the IASAÚDE bulletin, there are 199 active cases, of which 133 are imported cases identified in the context of surveillance activities implemented at Madeira Airport and 66 are cases of local transmission. Regarding the residence of active cases, 115 are non-residents and 84 are residents of the RAM.

Update November 13:

Today sees 10 new positive cases reported. These are 3 imported cases (2 from Poland and 1 from Spain) and 7 cases of local transmission (associated with previously identified cases). 17 more cases have recovered, and 4 people are hospitalized in the Multipurpose Unit dedicated to covid-19.

Update November 14:

12 new cases today, just one imported from the mainland. Alarmingly, 11 are by local transmission, however all of these have been all been associated with prvious cases.

Update November 15:

5 new positive cases report, so the Region now totals 600 confirmed cases. This is 1 case imported from Venezuela and 4 cases of local transmission, associated with contacts of positive cases previously identified. 8 more recovered cases were reported. 

7 thoughts on “COVID-19: 2nd death today”

  1. Both of these people were in their 90s. She was 97 and ill with various other conditions, he was 94. So they were both frail and unlikely to survive a dose of flu let alone Covid.

    I don’t think people should be alarmed. How many of us make it into our 90s?

    • The alarm isn’t that two locals in their 90s have died Maurice, the alarm is that Covid-19 is now spreading in local communities rather than just with those in direct contact with tourists. Two people aged 94 and 97 weren’t out and about in pubs, clubs and restaurants, clearly the virus was passed onto them by either family, friends or health visitors. That is the big worry.

  2. Myth that only old folks with underlying health concerns die from Covid.
    My daughter who works in the Medical Profession cannot believe the
    the complacency of some people .
    She has recently lost a 43 year old colleague due to Covid who had no health problems.
    As Steve mentioned containing the spread is paramount not what age you may be if you are unfortunate to get it.


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