Christmas measures announced next week

New controls to be applied for festive period

Albuquerque visiting Horarias, and speaking about the announcement of new Christmas measures

Christmas measures: JM reports that the Regional Government will announce next week, possibly as early as Wednesday or Thursday, details of what is possible and what will not be allowed, in terms of the usual festive events.

Miguel Albuquerque, visited Horários do Funchal this morning, to take care of the acquisition of new vehicles, and said that the pandemic control measures are being readjusted for Christmas according to the evolution of the spread of the virus in the Region.

The occasion was used for the Madeiran Chief Executive to thank the work of more than 500 employees of the public transport company in this pandemic time. He promised that the Government will continue to invest in fleet renewal, with €40 million foreseen for this purpose.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas measures announced next week”

  1. They must do what is best for the Island as a whole.
    If that means curtailing the amounts of tourists over the festive period so be it.
    My daughter has worked in the Medical Profession for 26 years and the Virus is truly horrific.
    She has not had any trips or a great deal of time off ,she is completely
    dedicated to helping the most ill and in some cases a long recovery.
    Containing Covid is a priority and we should all be making sacrifices in order for it to succeed.


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