130 km/h winds forecast

Storm Theta set to hit Madeira this weekend

Map of Storm Theta with strong winds

JM reports that the forecasts of both yesterday and today “are consistent” and indicate that Madeira could be hit by the tropical storm “Theta” with high winds possible, most significantly from Friday afternoon until the early hours of Sunday. It is unusual to receive warnings locally so far ahead of a possible arrival.

Victor Prior, director of the Madeira Delegation of the Portuguese Weather Institute (IPMA), said in statements to 88.8 JM/FM that “the most serious day will be on Saturday, when rain is expected for almost 24 hours”, with some periods of heavy rain and wind within the range of 100 km/hour in coastal regions and between 120 to 130 km/hour in mountainous regions.

“On departure, on Sunday at the end of the morning, the situation will be significantly better”, he adds.

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COVID-19 in Madeira

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  1. For those expecting to see this storm given a boy’s or girl’s name it’s slightly alarming in terms of climate change that 2020 is likely to enter the record books for the number of tropical storms generated.

    The 21 names annually allocated by the World Meteorological Organisation to Tropical Disturbances, were exhausted back in September, since then, for only the second time in their history ( the last being 2005 – the year Katrina devastated New Orleans ) the WMO have had to resort to using letters of the Greek alphabet to name storms. Theta is, apparently, the 8th letter of that alphabet which is two more than used in 2005.

    As for storm Theta itself, at present, the supercomputers are predicting it to head towards Madeira then remain almost stationary to the west of the Island over the weekend slowly filling ( decaying ) before moving north eastwards away from Madeira and fizzling out on Monday. It looks like the South and West of the Island will feel the worst of it with Southerly 30 – 40 mph winds bringing rough seas and heavy rain to Funchal.


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