Weather forecast remains poor

Predicted storms downgraded slightly

BBC weather forecast

The bad weather originally forecast for Sunday and the start of next week seems to have taken a slight turn for the better, with the “lightning” icons that featured on the Portuguese Weather Institute, IPMA, forecast (below) having disappeared. The symbol does, however, remain on the BBC forecast opposite

The predicted storms seem to have been replaced on the IPMA forecast by heavy rain, with the current likelihood of rain in Funchal very unusually rated at 100% on Sunday and Monday (Tuesday later joined them on 100%).

Windguru, also below still forecasts strong winds, which could impact on the few flights arriving Sunday thru Tuesday, although the wind direction appears favourable for the airport. Strangely IPMA does not predict that the winds will be as strong as Windguru

IPMA weather forecast
Windguru wind forecast

COVID-19 update for Madeira

The latest statistics are being updated on a previous post

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    • These studies can be validated by actual evidence in the flights to Madeira, although the sample is still low numbers. On the 225 cases that have been identified at the airport, non of them have contaminated other un-related people in the flight.


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