Tourists fight in Caniço!

Father and son taken to hospital

Tourists fight in Caniço! 1

The Diario reports that a father and son staying in a hotel in Caniço de Baixo ended up in hospital last night after a fight.

The two were taken to hosptal in separate ambulaces after the emergency services were called to the hotel. The newspaper reports that it is believed that they were inebriated and ended up fighting each other.

The son is said to be aged 20, but no age is given for the father. The injuries are not understood to be serious.

11 thoughts on “Tourists fight in Caniço!”

  1. In recent days the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Metro have done articles on how Madeira is the cheapest non-quarantine location in the sun and how much cheaper it is to drink than in the Canaries. I fear that this may not be the only incident!

  2. Father and son – so could just be a domestic.
    But the possibility of attracting ‘undesirable’ tourists might be an unintended consequence of doing a good job of containing the virus.
    Can’t have it both ways, I suppose.


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