“State of Calamity” extended in the Region

… and second PCR test for professionals after arrival in Madeira

"State of Calamity" extended in the Region 1

JM reports that the Regional Government decided yesterday to renew the “state of calamity” situation in force in Madeira, until November 30th. 

From the same plenary meeting, the decision was made specifying that health, education, higher education, social and civil protection professionals, as well as students from higher education and Erasmus programs, must take the second PCR test of screening to covid-19 between the fifth and seventh day after landing at Madeira Airport.

The Diario reports that the Regional Health Secretary, Pedro Ramos, has issued a warning that the resumption of sporting activities will increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading, pointing out that many people involved in education are also involved in sport, and that “the situation could be a real time bomb”.

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