Search resumes for German tourist

24 year-old fell into sea at São Jorge

São Jorge, where the search is taking place

JM reports that searches have resumed for the 24-year-old German tourist, who fell into the sea yesterday in the area of ​​São Jorge, on the north of the island.

Just like yesterday, the Santana Volunteer Firefighters, on land, and Sanas and Instituto de Socorro a Naufragos, by sea, must have been involved in the searches, confirmed the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal. On Thursday, the search teams also operated two drones, which could be used again, depending on conditions.

A Maritime Police source admitted, however, that the chances of finding the young tourist still alive are minimal, given the characteristics of the area where he fell and the conditions of the sea.

Searches were suspended yesterday evening after a 24-year-old man fell into the sea at around 15:45 without having managed to return to land by his own means, and was reported missing.

Various means were involved in yesterday’s search, including a lifeboat from SANAS-Madeira and one from Funchal’s Salva Vidas Station, with elements from the Institute of Aid to Castaways, the Santana Volunteer Firefighters and two drones, one of the peacekeepers of Santana and another from the Regional Command of Relief Operations of the Regional Civil Protection Service.

The drones carried out several searches on the site, but, unfortunately, without success.

Taking into account the visibility and weather conditions that were felt at the site, the vessels that participated in the searches were unable to approach the coast – one of yesterday’s posts by coincidence reported on strong maritime unrest, particularly on the north coast

The Local Command of the Maritime Police of Funchal is on site to participate in the searches and took care of the occurrence.

Published 9:00. Story copied two hours later.

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