Portugal: masks compulsory for 3 months

Parliament expected to pass legislation today

Face masks with Portugal flag

Expresso reports that the compulsory wearing of masks is expected to become law today in mainland Portugal – it has guaranteed approval with favourable votes from at least the PSD, PS and CD parties

The newspaper predicts that Parliament will debate and approve today a PSD bill that imposes the mandatory use of masks in public spaces for at least three months, a measure that can be renewed.

A Left-Bloc BE source told press agency told Lusa that the party will make the diploma generally viable because, “from the first moment it follows the need to wear a mask on the street, in contexts of people gathering” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will propose in particular, the free distribution of masks so that the measure does not penalize “the most vulnerable sectors of the population”.

The PCP will abstain, as will the ENP, sources from both parties told Lusa.

The only deputy and president of Chega, André Ventura, who had announced he was against the measure, will not vote on the diploma, since he is campaigning in the Azores. The Liberal Initiative, on the other hand, only said that it will not vote in favour.

COVID-19 update for Madeira

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11 thoughts on “Portugal: masks compulsory for 3 months”

  1. I thought that the use of masks was already compulsory in Madeira, but my webcam watching has shown quite a few people without.

    Was there once such a rule, or am I only imagining that there was?

    I presume this new Portugal rule will also apply in Madeira(?)

    • They are compulsory in shops, shopping centres and anywhere else indoors. They are recommended when outdoors if there are crowds. In most outdoor locations such as parks, wide pavements etc You can get away without a mask.

  2. Wearing masks is compulsory in Madeira even outdoors since the 1st of August. Madeira is an autonomous regions with specific powers and they have determined compulsory masks by then. Questions were raised whether the local government could make this force of law but this never suffered objection from the central government. Now the same rule applies the whole country.


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