First cruise ship docks in Funchal for 227 days

…. but only 4 passengers disembark and await test results

The SeaDReam 1 docked in Funchal this morning - the first cruise ship to dock in 227 days

The SeaDream 1 docked in Funchal this morning, but, according to the Diario, 27 transit passengers remained on board whilst just 4, whose final destination was Madeira, chose to wait in a hotel for the results of their PCR tests. Later press reports are inconsistent, with some saying that all of the on-going passengers were forced to remain on board the cruise ship.

As a precaution, and to assist in their next port of call – Barbados – all passengers undertook a PCR test.

The cruise ship is scheduled to depart at 15:30 this afternoon.

COVID-19 update for Madeira

The latest statistics are being updated on a previous post

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    15 new cases today, two local infections but 8 arrivals from the UK! I just hope those 8 were not irresponsible enough to travel knowing they were infected.


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