Ecological park closes in anticipation of bad weather

More facilities closed with bad weather expected

Ecological Park, which is closed due to the bad weather forecast

The Funchal City Council issued today a statement announcing that the Ecological Park of Funchal will be closed today (Sunday) due to the bad weather forecast.

“The Funchal City Council informs that the Funchal Ecological Park will be closed this Sunday, October 18th, due to the forecast of adverse weather conditions”, it can be read in the information.

The municipality “thanks everyone for their understanding and calls on the population to comply with the recommendations of the competent authorities in terms of prevention”.

The Funchal Ecological Park was created in 1994 on the initiative of Funchal City Hall. Its main objectives are to preserve nature, promote environmental education and provide recreational and leisure facilities for visitors. The park covers an area of 10 km2 of mountainous terrain, 470 metres above sea level above Monte.

The move comes after the Porto Santo ferry cancelled sailings today and tomorrow, and the road between Eira do Serrado/Pico do Areeiro road was closed as a precaution

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  1. The area above Monte is fascinating with the laurisilva still preserved, although i’m sure some will have been damaged by the serious fires a few years ago


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