Dune protection project starts in Porto Santo

Porto Santo dunes to be protected

Sand dunes in Porto Santo

The Diario reports that the “Life Dunas” project was initiated in Porto Santo on Tuesday with the aim of protecting the island’s sand dunes from rising sea levels.

Regional Government support was announced at Praia Calheta, at the western end of the island, by the Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susanah Prada during her visit to the island to witness the moves that are being made towards sustainability – reported here a few posts ago.

The secretary said that the sea level was rising and that it was necessary to protect peoples lives and property.

The recovery will focus on a specific area of ​​the beach and its effectiveness will be evaluated so that it can be replicated on other fronts of Praia do Porto Santo, and other areas of the EU. In addition, it will focus particularly on a specific area of ​​the beach, increasing its protection and the integrity and enhancement of the surrounding land.

The follow-up and permanent monitoring, carried out by a team of experts, of the different applied techniques, will evaluate its effectiveness for its replication in other coastal fronts of the European Union, as well as in other beach fronts on the island of Porto Santo.

‘Life Dunas’ project was an application carried out within the scope of the Regional Government for combating climate change, given the high
vulnerability of island regions, a project aimed at increasing the resilience of dune ecosystems and the Beach. The intention is to ensure, starting in 2021, the replacement of a lateral dune, in a place where it is practically nonexistent.

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