Car legislation changes in Portugal

Ubiquitous green disks disappear

Car legislation changing, with green disk no longer required to be displayed on the windscreen

The national edition of JM reports that car windscreens will have a new look in future with the disappearance of the green disk displaying car insurance details, which the law has required to be affixed to the windscreen since 1995. The new ordinance published last week in Diário da República also eliminates the green disk proving mandatory periodic inspections – which has actually no longer been necessary to display for some while.

For more than 20 years the sticker on compulsory motor vehicle insurance, issued by insurers and sent to the policyholder together with the international insurance certificate (green card), has been coloured green and according to car legislation.

Car legislation: Insurance certificates can now be e-mailed

The model remains, but the badge, which is in the form of a disk, no longer has to be green. Instead insurance companies can issue the international automobile liability insurance certificate on white paper, which prompted the publication today of the ordinance that eliminates the colour requirement.

In the same announcement, the government confirmed, for the first time, that they will not regulate the characteristics related to the badges proving thecompliance with mandatory periodic inspections, given that the legal rule that established its mandatory nature was revoked, in 2012, with the changes the technical vehicle inspection regime, becoming the vehicle inspection form that serves as proof.

The Government, in the ordinance, explains that the reason for changing the color of the paper on which the International Motor Insurance Certificate is printed is the simplification of processes, and the document can now be sent by e-mail and printed in black and white by the policyholder, allowing to circumvent situations of loss of the green card at the post office or delay in its delivery.

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