Bad weather begins …

… but not as bad as first forecast

The forecast bad weather has begun to arrive in the Madeira archapelago and looks set to remain for a few days (the map below is for Tuesday).

JM report that the Regional Civil Protection Service (SRPC) has said that from today (Sunday), until the end of the afternoon of the next Tuesday (the 20th), periods of rain or occasional heavy showers are expected for Madeira, accompanied by thunderstorms.

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) foresees for this Sunday, a day when there is a yellow warning throughout the Region, (orange in the mountainous regions) generally cloudy skies and temporary heavy rain, sometimes in downpours, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms.

The wind will blow moderate to strong (25 to 40 km/h) from the south, turning southwest, and sometimes blowing in gusts up to 75 km/h from mid-morning. In the highlands, the wind will be strong (35 to 50 km/h) from the south, turning southwest, and sometimes blowing with gusts up to 95 km/h from mid-morning.

Funchal will have generally cloudy skies. temporarily heavy rain, sometimes with showers that can be accompanied by thunderstorms and moderate to strong wind (25 to 40 km/h) from south, turning southwest, and sometimes blowing in gusts up to 75 km/h from the middle in the morning.

Regarding the state of the sea, the north coast will register waves from the northwest with 1 to 1.5 metres, gradually increasing to 1.5 to 2 metres, and the South coast waves below 1 metre, gradually passing to southwest waves with 1 to 2 metres.

A small rise in the minimum temperature is also expected. Funchal will have a maximum temperature of 24ºC and a minimum of 20ºC. In Porto Santo, maximum of 24ºC and minimum of 18ºC.

Pico Aeeiro reaches “red” level for rainfall

Later, the diario reported that the weather station at Pico Aeeiro had recorded rainfall of 64.8 litres of rain per square metre, reaching the highest “red” warning level

Bad weather affect flights

By midday today (Sunday), JM was reporting that a Transavia France flight from Paris, stopping in Porto, was on its way to Madeira. However, due to the impossibility of landing, (scheduled for 11:40 am), it was diverted back to Porto. A BA flight from London destined for Funchal is also returning to London due to the strong gusts that are being registered at the airport. prediction for Tuesday

COVID-19 update for Madeira

The latest statistics are being updated on a previous post

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  1. The Diario is reporting that three flights have already failed to land in Madeira today, with the latest, a Jet2 from Leeds, making two unsuccessful approaches before heading off to Faro. Problem is that this could continue for a few days.

  2. The Diario reports online that several locations meteorological stations this morning recorded precipitation and wind values that confirm the meteorological warnings issued by the weather institute.

    Heavy rain was recorded in the middle of this morning in Prazeres (20.5 mm/1h – orange warning), but also in Chão do Areeiro (19.0 mm/1h), Bica da Cana (16.2 mm/1h), Ponta do Pargo (12.2 mm/1h) and Pico do Areeiro (10.4 mm/1h – until 10 am), all equivalent to the yellow warning levels.

    The wind has also ‘blown’ with yellow warning values, namely at Ponta do Pargo (83 km/h) and at the Airport (73 km/h). However, the highest extreme value was 86 km/h in Chão do Areeiro, still below the yellow warning parameter for wind in mountainous regions (90 to 110 km/h).

    Until midday Chão do Areeiro recorded the highest amount of accumulated precipitation this Sunday (37.9 mm)

  3. Are you aware that your posts are being copied to another blog – I have just seen a virtually identical post again about the resumption of cruise ship visits?

  4. Just had a look at the webcams and it looks pretty blech all over but despite that, Ponta do Sol has still managed to catch a tiny bit of sun! The place really lives up to its name.


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