Anti-corruption searches

Major investigation after anonymous tip-off

City Hall, where corruption is being investigated

A major story broke in stages jesterday in JM. Firstly the Judiciary Police confirmed to the newspaper, through the National Anti-Corruption Unit and the Madeira Criminal Investigation Department, that it had carried out several searches in four socialist authorities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, “in order to collect evidence”.

The criminal process started after an anonymous complaint, made on the PGR platform – the national website of the Portuguese Public Ministry which encourages the reporting of corruption.

The Attorney General’s Office later confirmed that the actions of the Public Ministry and the Judiciary Police in four authorities had taken place within the scope of an investigation into “possible crimes of economic participation in business, active corruption, passive corruption, influence peddling. and abuse of power “.

Anti-corruption searches 1

“Under the provisions of Code of Criminal Procedure, it is confirmed that searches will be carried out to collect evidence from municipalities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira”, says one PGR note sent to the newspaper earlier this afternoon.

Later in the day the Attorney General’s Office confirmed this afternoon to the JM that the investigation process in four chambers of the Region has not yet constituted any defendant.

The Diario goes one step further and identifies the câmaras, or local authorities/councils as Funchal, Machico, Ponta do Sol and Porto Moniz, and names the former mayor of Funchal and current leader of the PS-M political party Paulo Cafôfo as one of the targets.

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  1. Ohhh the irony, after ruling all of the island like a private fiefdom for almost fourty years the SDP who have never ever committed any corrupt acts and who are in bed with no businesses on the island obviously feels put out by the losses of several municipalities now stoop to “anonymous tip offs” about corruption within councils run by the Socialist party. At best it’s the pot calling the kettle black and at worst pure political point scoring when elections are due to take place.


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