Albuquerque re-elected as social-democrat leader

President’s re-election a formality

The leader of the PSD/Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, was yesterday re-elected president of the Party’s Political Commission in direct elections. He was the only candidate and obtained 87.3% of the votes.

Of the 2,839 members able to vote, 2,489 exercised their voting rights, that is, 87.6%, and of the total votes counted, 2,480 gave yes to Miguel Albuquerque’s reelection. 5 blank votes (0.1%) and 4 null votes (0.1%) were also counted.

Thus, the list led by Albuquerque and which re-elected José Prada as Secretary-General, reached 2,480 from a possible 2839 voters. The re-elected President highlighted the “expressive number of militants who came to the polls”, revealing a “Party united around a common objective: to win all elections in 2021”.

The idea was also shared by José Prada, who stressed the Party’s liveliness and dynamics and the mobilization of the militants who today expressed their vote and who confirmed, also through this way, the readiness to continue the work that has been done and to commit to the much that needs to be done, in order to ensure that the PSD/M remains a winning Party in 2021.

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