UK overseas travel ban now effectively in place

Overseas travel ban comes into force

Latest lockdown scuppers overeseas travel

Lockdown involves a travel ban: The Independent reports tonight that if you are in the UK and have an overseas holiday booked with departure prior to next Thursday, when the latest lockdown is scheduled to commence after this evening’s major announcement, you should be able to travel as planned. ............ more

Sea rescue drills

Firemen conduct exercises at Barreirinha

Sea rescue drills: The Diario features a video of the Madeira Volunteer Firefighter conducting exercises recovering a casualty from the sea at the “old” lido at Barreirinha, behind the Old Town in Funchal.

Mountain rescue and diving teams took part in the simulation this morning.

COVID-19 update for Madeira

The latest ............ more

Blog – attacks resume

blog performance

Huge spike in activity

Once again the blog has been the target of a malicious attack over the last two days. This has seen a huge spike in both the number of visitors and the number of pageviews. So far the website has held up, but if it disappears or becomes unresponsive readers will know why!

The attack, which targets ............ more

Pandemic fears grow in Madeira

Pandemic press conference

Two unexplained local outbreaks on the island

The Diario has just reported online that the recent warnings of the possible outbreak of a pandemic in Madeira have been serious. Health Secretary Pedro Ramos (right) first spoke of a “time ............ more

UNESCO website features Porto Santo biosphere

New Porto Santo biosphere

Porto Santo used to launch 25 new biospheres

UNESCO used an image of the golden island in a publication made on its website on Wednesday when it announced the 25 new Biosphere Reserves, one of which is Porto Santo.

JM reported yesterday that the Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, had unveiled ............ more

COVID-19: Major restrictions possible

Albuquerque announcing that major restrictions may have to be introduced

Alcohol sales to be banned at Christmas

JM reports that “If the pandemic continues to evolve in this way, we will have to introduce major restrictions”, said Miguel Albuquerque, at the press conference at Quinta Vigia this afternoon

Urged to comment on the Christmas season in the Region in the context of a pandemic, Albuquerque ............ more

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