Sea rescue drills

Firemen conduct exercises at Barreirinha

Sea rescue drills 1

Sea rescue drills: The Diario features a video of the Madeira Volunteer Firefighter conducting exercises recovering a casualty from the sea at the “old” lido … Read more

Pandemic fears grow in Madeira

Two unexplained local outbreaks on the island

Pandemic press conference

The Diario has just reported online that the recent warnings of the possible outbreak of a pandemic in Madeira have been serious. Health … Read more

easyJet Manchester flight cancellations

easyJet suspending Manchester/Madeira flights until March 2021?

easyJet plane landing at Madeira airport. The easyjet Manchester roue has been suspended until the end of March

easyJet Manchester route: This blog has never really been into reporting speculative rumours, but a very reliable source tells me that they have … Read more

Recycling improves in Funchal

and more, better, chestnuts this year

JM headlining recycling

JM headlines today that, in the space of a decade, recycling in Funchal has increased by nearly five thousand tons. According to data provided by … Read more

Cruise ship scrapping booms!

Cruise ship-breaking booms in Turkey after pandemic scuttles sector

Cruise ships await scrapping in Turket

Thanks to the blog’s resident nautical expert Jaime, for a link to a report that Aliaga, Turkey seems the favoured resting … Read more

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