Yellow warning for heavy rain tomorrow

“Met Office” issue warning for heavy rain Sunday

I was actually going to run this story a couple of days ago when a reader alerted me to the 5-day forecast for the archipelago, particularly for tomorrow, but held back on the basis that predictions that far off can disappear when you are a small rock in the middle of a very large ocean!

However, the Diario is currently ringing the alarm bells with reports that tomorrow’s weather forecast from IPMA, the Portuguese “Met Office”, contains a high likelihood of rain – particularly considering that a lot of areas on the south of Madeira that haven’t seen any significant precipitation for a long time.

They report that the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo have been placed under a yellow warning for most of tomorrow, with showers forecast for the north coast and mountainous inland regions later today.

The good news is that the likelihood % has fallen since earlier in the week when it stood at over 90%, so it may disappear completely.

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3 thoughts on “Yellow warning for heavy rain tomorrow”

  1. There doesn’t appear to be any weather systems in the vicinity of the Island to cause that much concern, as Admin says the possibility percentages of rain are lowish so maybe sunshine and showers will be the order of the day.

    More interesting off Cabo Verde at the moment where tropical disturbances ( potential hurricanes ) are being “spawned’ on an almost daily basis in what appears to be a late flourish to a busy season – previous seasons have finished with storms named with the letter L ( remember Leslie in 2018 ?) We are at R for Rene at present and as with Lorenzo last year, they can track on a more northerly route towards the Azores when developing late in the season, so fingers crossed we don’t see a repeat performance.


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