Tourism head accused of “atrocious insensitivity”

towards dismissed hotel and restaurant workers

Paulo Cafofo, who spoke about tourism yesterday

The President of opposition party PS-Madeira, Paulo Cafôfo, yesterday used his Facebook page to accuse the Regional Secretary for Tourism, Eduardo Jesus, of “atrocious insensitivity” towards workers in the tourism sector who are being targetted for redundancies or laid off.

It is shocking and insensitive that the Regional Secretary of Tourism does not have a word of solidarity with workers who are being dismissed or those who enter into layoff uncertainty. The notoriety of Madeira destination was achieved through men and women who made our hospitality and the excellent service they provide to our tourists, travelled through the four corners of the world, but now going through the worst moments of their lives. That’s why we don’t serve a secretary and regional government accommodating the situation, not to say, satisfied with the situation, instead of taking actions aimed at saving jobs and our tourism.

Tourism head accused of "atrocious insensitivity" 1

Cafôfo’s publication is accompanied by a report from the Diario online yesterday which quotes the Secretary as saying that 30% occupancy during the “new” Flower Festival “is not a bad performance”.

Friday saw the closure of another hotel in the Savoy chain (owned by the AFA Group) – this time the Savoy Saccharum in Calheta, which will close until November. It will join the Savoy Gardens, the Royal Savoy, and Next and result in 400 staff in total joining the government “layoff” scheme – the equivalent of the UK’s furlough scheme.

Also last week, Reid’s Hotel announced 63 redundancies, reported here.

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  1. Hi, would like to know if anyone has any more information about this. We had a call today from Lisbon requiring us to go to a mobile health station in Sao Gonçalo next week as we are permanent Portuguese residents. The line was bad but from what I could make out it was to do with vaccinations and is a legal requirement for residents. Would like to find out more before we go.

    • I had a similar experience, just over a year ago and was asked to attend a mobile unit
      opposite the church in Caniço. It’s was actually for a hearing test, which took a few minutes
      and was free of charge. I think it’s also partially commercial, as I believe they are also trying
      to sell hearing equipment should you have an hearing impairment. Oh, and the call also came
      from Lisbon. I hope this helps. Cheers Paul


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