Renewable energy to reach 50% in Madeira

… but claim contested by opposition politicians

Paul da Serra wind farm, producing renewable energy

Thanks to Jaime for a link to a surprising report in the Portugal News two days ago, with the apparently excellent news that the share of renewable energy in Madeira is set to reach 50% by the end of the year, thus reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, according to an announcement by the regional secretary for the economy.

Rui Barreto made the claim in the Legislative Assembly in Funchal in a debate on the regional legislative decree that adapts Madeira to the legal regime applicable to self-consumption of energy and defines the legal regime for the installation of production units for self-consumption in the region.

“It is possible to reach 50% by the end of the year,” he said, adding that the regional government is making “a true democratization in energy production,” making it possible for people to produce and sell surplus energy to the grid. “We hope to achieve a reduction of 92,000 tonnes of fuel oil next year,” he said.

The target of 50% renewable energy by the end of the year was, however, contested by PS deputy Silvia Silva and JPP deputy Rafael Nunes, who noted that in 2019, according to data from electricity supply company EEM, Empresa de Eletricidade da Madeira, only 24.2 percent of the energy obtained was generated by renewable sources, the rest coming from fossil fuels.

The majority of Madeira’s renewable energy is generated by the large wind farm in Paul de Serra, pictured, which has seen some additional turbines erected recently.

Renewable energy at a national level reaches 51%

On a national level, the production of electricity from renewable sources supplied 51 percent of consumption in 2019, with wind power representing 27 percent, the highest share ever.

In December 2019, all renewable production supplied 76 percent of national consumption (including export balance) and non-renewable production the remaining 24 percent.
The balance of trade with foreign countries relating to renewables was exporting (more was sold to Spain than was bought) and “was particularly high” in the last month of the year, equivalent to 19 percent of national consumption.

5 thoughts on “Renewable energy to reach 50% in Madeira”

    • Thanks, Brian – you saved me looking it up for Marianne! I am surprised it is so high, but it must have been rising steadily year by year as the UK takes climate change more seriously – thank goodness.

      • They have stopped burning coal now and very little oil is burnt. They now use Biomass which is cleaner burning. Wind farms and photo-voltaic systems all over the place as well now.

  1. The percentage of renewables has been rising steadily year on year in the UK for a long time. I guess it will reach a point where each increment will become more difficult, and more expensive.


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