Remnants of hurricane could brush Madeira

“Paulette” arrives in Azores as a tropical storm


Thanks to Jaime as usual for all thing nautical/weather: Apparently Madeira could be in for some bad weather on the back of another hurricane, Paulette, that has gone “rogue” in the Atlantic – similar to hurricane “Leslie” which caused much consternation last year.

Jaime observes that this is all a good way off and will therefore probably change, but based on yesterday’s forecasts from the National Hurricane Centre, Paulette will brush with Flores and Corvo in the Azores this Friday with storm-force winds.

He notes that the interesting thing is that the “remnants” of Paulette may hit Madeira the following Thursday 24th as shown by the ECMWF forecast  ( attached ) so it could be very wet and windy as it passes. “All a long way off but worth keeping an eye on”.

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  1. It’s all “crystal ball” stuff at the moment, the crystal balls being the super computers of NOAA – the American weather administration and the UK’s ECMWF.

    What I know about computer technology you could write on the back of a micro-chip ! but my supercomputer – the “old grey matter” that is 6 months in need of a ‘reboot’ by downloading some good old Serra d’ Agua or Camacha poncha tells me that what the computer tells you is only as good as the information fed into it.

    Going back to Leslie in 2018 which was truly “rogue” we discovered the computers had little or no previous history to predict it’s track, as many may recall it was forecast to hit Madeira as a hurricane right up until less than 24 hours before, so I suspect
    with Paulette straying into this same ‘grey’ area the predicted track may just follow that of Lesliefor the next few days.

  2. Point proven Maurice ! – the 5 day forecast computer model last night showed Paulette turning towards Madeira on Monday after passing the Azores at weekend.

    Today the NHC have dropped it altogether from their forecast – presumably no longer storm force winds as it has continued to decay and the UK’s ECMWF show it “fizzling out” south of the Azores after weekend.

    Let’s hope that’s as close as the threat goes as the end of the hurricane season approaches and the Autumn equinox occurring next week as the sun crosses the equator on its way south.

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  4. You can have the most powerful computers on the planet modelling the weather and giving you a forecast. On the other side nature sticks two fingers up ✌and says to hell with that I am doing this instead 🤣🤣🤣


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